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9/2/2016 c9 8Attackoneverything
Who grabbed Rin?! DX
Can't wait for more XD
Poor dear! Bad day for ya' I can see DX
Can't wait!
9/2/2016 c9 AkabaneSho
Once again we met our beloved cliffhanger-kun...welp chapter is awesome as ever and shiem-boobasaur is kawai xD and I'm looking forward for future chapter of this fic. Until then ja-ne
8/30/2016 c8 nicoleAnE
I'm dying this was too amazing! Can't wait to read more of it and I love cold!Rin a dick. Your story is great and I really like your writing :)
8/27/2016 c8 8TheFutureWriterIsHere
8/20/2016 c8 KawaiiiPotato
Yo! Welcome back! I really love Bon's reaction in this chapter. I'm such a sadist for feeling happy that he's hurt because Rin doesn't remember himAnd my fujoshi other half was tingling while reading Bon and Rin alone moments but I managed to calm her downو•̀ωو
8/20/2016 c8 KawaiiiPotato
8/19/2016 c8 25OrangeWolf4
Please update soon I want to know what is going to happen to Rin. _
8/17/2016 c8 11inlovewithshizaya
Hmm… Considering I have glasses myself I should be allowed to hit someone with glasses, shouldn't I. And yeah, you’re right. You could say Bon’s fist just loves the feel of Rin’s face.
Now on to the chappy.
Kyah! I sooo loved it. Especially since Rin is acting the way he was before his dad died and now all his friends will get to know this side of him. It’s so exciting!
8/17/2016 c8 34ForgivenL
Haha, now they just have to convince him they're friends... and actual friends, not a dare's work.
8/17/2016 c8 8Attackoneverything
Oh Rin...
And here I was hoping you would remeber who everyone was XD

Love me some angst XD
Can't wait for an update and what you have instored! I'm interested XD
8/16/2016 c8 AkabaneSho
do all these girls have huge boobs? xDD srsly I can't stop laughing and...yeah they all have huge boobs(can't defies anime logic).
DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN... now all of them know Rin's amnesia so what will they do?
8/4/2016 c7 KawaiiiPotato
Yo. I know I should feel bad for Rin when he tripped on a rock but I kinda imagine it in a weird way and I can't stop laughing and it's 2:30 am xD Anyways, That was BON on the last part RIGht?! Haha, he didn't know Rin has amnesia right? Or did he? hmmm...anyways he always give a great first impression lol. You really stocked to your "cliffhanger-every-chapter" routine. Not that I'm complaining or anything \(u)/
8/1/2016 c7 34ForgivenL
Bon gives such great first impressions.
8/1/2016 c7 11inlovewithshizaya
Ouch! Bon! You can’t just hit someone who has amnesia… Oh, wait, he doesn’t know about that, right? … Bon, you can’t just hit your friend that saved you’re a** a couple of… how much time went by after the defeat of the impure king? ARGH! Anyway! Bon! Stop hitting Rin!
8/1/2016 c7 8Attackoneverything
OH Rin...
Can't wait for more XD
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