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4/16 c2 4scrawlx1012
rah wos going on
12/31/2018 c4 Smaug666
You need to update. It has been nearly two years.
12/31/2018 c3 Smaug666
Han Solo: Chewie, we're home. (Nods to Chewbacca to check out the ship, then lifts off the grating and is shocked to see Rey and Finn with their hands raised in surrender) Where are the others? Where's the pilot?
Rey: I'm the pilot.
Han: You?!
Chewbacca: (Grunts in disbelief)
Rey: No, it's true; we're the only ones on board.
Finn: (Regarding Chewbacca) You can understand that thing?
Han: And that "thing" can understand you, too, so watch it! Come on outta there!
4/21/2017 c4 AwesomeGirl909
LOVE THIS CHAPTER! Late reveiw as I haven't been on here in a while, but I loved it none the less! So happy Sabrina I'd back, but of course I'm looking forward to see what happened to her on the planet, and if it differs from Simmons' situation. :)
1/24/2017 c4 4Stormrunner74
Awesome chapter. I loved it. So now Sabrina is back. I really liked the Spider-Man cameo. I'm still wondering when most new characters will be introduced.
1/20/2017 c4 9NN010
FINALLY SABRINA IS SAVED!... Though they're not out of the woods yet as Sabrina can't stop remembering the events on Maveth. Still love a more ruthless Bruce, shame it's likely going away in a few chapter. Everyone else is in top form as well! I'm waiting a couple more chapters to start guessing who our mysterious Inhuman absorbing monster is. Also my Part of the 2 year anniversary is 100% done and I can't wait to see what you guys think of it when the whole story is posted whenever it's ready!
1/16/2017 c3 NN010
Great chapter and proper kick off to Spec Ops Team 3! I love Arthur and Blair together already and poor Bruce trying to find Sabrina and failing, the man's heart is clearly broken into 7 pieces! Speaking of Bruce I want to announce to everyone that I am 98% done with my segment of the Spec Ops Team 2 Year Anniversary Story! It will center on one of Bruce's attempts to find Sabrina and will explain why he was willing to back stab terrorists as he did in this chapter! All I have left to say about it is that one of my own stories will be involved but you won't have to be caught up with the events of it up to the crossover to understand what's going on.
1/8/2017 c3 3RelentlessCrusader
Quite an interesting chapter and I am glad to see all of those characters of the previous two stories coming back into action and intrigue.

I presume the next chapter is where the Inhuman Outbreak comes in right? I wonder what kind of new Inhumans we will see in the SPEC-OPS team side story. (I hope my suggested OC is chosen.)

I wonder how Sabrina's part of the story would come off differently from Simmons, and we all know what thing is chasing her at the moment.

Does the SPEC-OPS team have an aircraft like Zephyr One like Coulson's team? Or they just use the Quinjet?
1/1/2017 c3 AwesomeGirl909
Amazing as always! Your stories always flow so nicely I can almost feel like I'm watching them. I look forward to seeing Sabrina on the Monoloth(especially since I'm sure her experiences will differ from Simmons) I also liked the new character and I hope we see more of her :) can't wait for more!
12/31/2016 c3 4Stormrunner74
Awesome chapter. So I assume that the new characters will be introduced in the next few chapters.
12/18/2016 c2 Sigtron
Can you continue with your "Call of The Spirits" story?
12/12/2016 c2 AwesomeGirl909
I can't wait! I'm very sorry to say I can't ok on a story at this time :( I have a lot of things(personal) going on...I just haven't been able to write...but I look forward to this and everyone else's stories none the less!
12/11/2016 c2 Stormrunner74
Cool. I can't wait. And that clears up the anniversary idea. I thought you wanted our ideas for you to write. We're actually the ones writing it. Cool.

Looks awesome. I can't wait.
9/13/2016 c1 NN010
Note: I meant to mark Evelyn as Dylan's wife, not Martha (sorry about any BVS flashbacks I caused)!
9/12/2016 c1 9NN010
I'm submitting a pair of OC's for Spec Ops Team 3! Here they are:
OC #1:
Name: Dylan Irons

Age: 30

Appearance: 6'3, Caucasian black hair, blue eyes, tends to wear a sports jacket, a variety of running shoes, and a pair blue jeans. He's pretty strong and has the arms to show for it.

Personality: Dylan is an idealistic guy who is a nice guy but can fight or fire a gun when necessary, he is neutral about Inhumans so he'll work with good ones like the Secret Warriors but help hunt bad ones if need be.

Skills: Marksmanship, hand to hand combat (he's a bit of a bruiser), and he used to work in construction before becoming a mercenary.

Weaknesses: He can be a little too trusting for his own good and that can get him into trouble. He's also afraid of heights and freaks out occasionally on the Zephyr as a result and is a tad socially awkward.
History: Dylan was the only child of Martha and Richard Irons, as an only child he felt a little alone at times, then he met Arthur one summer and they were friends until they lost contact after high school, he also met Evelyn Ross during high school, the cynical opposite to Dylan's idealist, despite their differences they got along well and became friends, over time though they realized they were in love and after graduating from college they married and eloped to Las Vegas. After this Dylan became a construction worker in New York while Evelyn claimed to become a "professional speaker" but he didn't find out she was really a mercenary until after he was laid off from his job shortly after reconstructing a couple buildings destroyed during the Battle of New York, after this she gave him weapons training and consulted a friend to teach him how to fight. They became a deadly pair of mercs (Dylan rather begrudgingly) but when old high school classmate Arthur Williams gives gives him an offer to join SHIELD he can't resist helping his old friend.

Family: Martha Irons (Mother; living), Richard Irons (Father; living), Martha Irons-Ross (Wife; living)

Powers: None

Position: Field Agent

Allegiance: SHIELD

OC #2:
Name: Evelyn Irons-Ross

Age: 29

Appearance: Just imagine Caity Lotz (Sara Lance from Legends of Tomorrow) in terms height, hair colour (she dyed it blonde at her husband's suggestion), eyes, facial structure, and body build, Evelyn wears a black leather jacket, black jeans, and black combat boots.

Personality: Evelyn is the cynical and aloof opposite to Dylan's idealist and comedian personality. Initially she closes herself off to new people but she can be a respectful, albeit dark, person. She doesn't trust Inhumans at first and wonders if she'd have joined the ATCU if it weren't for Dylan... Though she does come around after the battle at the HYDRA castle.

Skills: Marksmanship, both martial and culinary arts, interrogation, manipulation, and a master poker player.

Weaknesses: Evelyn can jump to conclusions too easily and that can get her into as much trouble as Dylan's trusting nature can. She suffers a bit of a complexity addition (like both Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty in the BBC Sherlock show) and subsequently craves a challenge.

History: Evelyn was the result of an accidental one night stand between Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross and a random woman whilst out drinking. They had a daughter and Ross, pissed he didn't get a son, sent Evelyn to St. Agnes in Hell's Kitchen when she was 6, she was adopted shortly there after by her uncle John, he raised her like his own but her past caused her to become cynical in her outlook on life and by high school isolated and friendless, using video games as an escape (she still plays a wide variety of games (examples of games she plays: Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, GTA V, Fallout series) to this day) until she met Dylan Irons. Getting along quicker than expected they became friends. Eventually they realized they were in love and got married. Evelyn then had a brief stint at the CIA before leaving to join SHIELD, during this time she worked with Arthur on one occasion and hated it more than she expected. Shortly before the Battle of New York she left SHIELD and became a mercenary. During this time she finally told Dylan the truth, but he wanted to join her, having just been laid off and in need of a job. After a year of training they started working together. When she and Dylan get a call from Arthur offering a chance to (re)join SHIELD, she reluctantly says yes for the sake of her husband.

Family: Thaddeus Ross (Father), Unknown Mother, Betty Ross (sister) John Ross (Uncle and Step father), Dylan Irons (Husband)

Position: Field Agent

Allegiance: SHIELD
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