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7/29/2020 c6 1Adrift-Writer
I loved everything about this story ! thank you so much for writing and posting it !
6/18/2020 c6 RafCL83
I was going over all the authors I'm following to find these stories I asked about on twitter, and because I want to download some of them on the app (now that I know there is an app, thanks to you), and so I'm reading each sum up of each story, and sometimes, I open the story to remind me of what it is about.
So that's what happened with this one. I didn't remember, because the first time I read it was SO SO long ago, and between now and then I've read so many.

Well I love it (as a number of other stories of yours): funnily and for a change, I love Paula in this fic! She's actually doing her job, of making him realize what he really wants!
No wonder why you are one of my favorite authors around here. Your stories are always a source of comfort, even through the angst!
I hope MM is gonna be updated soon!
7/22/2019 c6 2frenchdarvey
so, hi maya, i’m reading this years later but i had to say something because your story made me feel all the feels. i loved that you waited for the last chapter to make them get their shit together because all the tension you built up through the chapter was to DIE for ugh
i loved the chapter with marcus’ kids more than anything and also the little epilogue you wrote.
you’re maya so ofc i expected that kind of ending from you hahahah.
anyway i’m glad i checked your fics and the ones i didn’t read because damn i would’ve been mad at myself for never reading this masterpiece.
love you so much my talented friend ;)
6/12/2017 c1 Me
This soooooo needs tbc...3 it!
9/28/2016 c1 23supersmileys
Omg. Mitchell and Harvey meeting is my absolute lifeblood. (And Dr Agard ALL THE YESES) I love this so much :D
8/8/2016 c6 Completely Anon
Some say this is the best darvey story ever written. I might be inclined to agree. This is the most cryptic review that you will receive.
7/21/2016 c6 1gerllss
OMG! I'm speechless. I'm trash and all. These two makes ne wanna come inside the tv and push them to one another so they touch. I still have more fics to catch-up. Thank you for always writing beautiful Darvey fics. <3
7/21/2016 c6 7doolittledarvey
Just catching up on some reading - it's the holidays, lol!
This was a super story! Lots of fun to read and a great ending.
Thanks for sharing!
Eliza x
7/13/2016 c6 your wife
okay real talk now that i have calmed down
and sorry that i am posting as a guest but it doesnt let me review twice
this fic was freaking awesome. i love every single word of every single chapter. this one whoever was just pure perfection. the way they fought was on fire. it was like that tension was finally being released and the scene following was PERFECTION. the hurry they were in is exactly how i imagine their 1st time after 12 years to be.
and the last part is FIAOFHSIAFI. the thing he said about going home to the woman he loves. just kill me.

ly x
7/13/2016 c6 DarveyIsEndgame
I'm so sad this fic is over, it was perfection wrapped up in 6 chapters. I have such writer's envy! You breathe life into Darvey so perfectly. Thank you so much! Happy Suits Premiere Day!
7/13/2016 c1 Sof
That fic! I can totally see this happening...i hope at least!
I always enjoy the way u write! Loved it and waiting for the next chapters of ur other "books" :D
Thanks! :*
7/13/2016 c6 1pinkbunniesinthemeadow
This last chapter is just perfection!
Thanks for this amazingness!
7/13/2016 c6 1annnahatcher
7/13/2016 c6 EmMNarang2513
This was perfection. I don't know how you did it but all the little things that have happened since the ending of season 4 have been synthesized here to give them amazingly satisfying importance. And I love it. I also completely agree with what you said about Mitchell.

This blew my mind:
"Harvey," she whispers her voice breaking as she sees the man that has always been her rock, her saviour now so vulnerable. He turns around slowly then, "A month ago you told me to stay here, at the firm that night. That if I left that would have been my biggest mistake," he pauses shaking his head, "it wouldn't have been, Donna. I already made that mistake months ago."

THIS is exactly what I thought when I recently saw the sneak peak clip of Harvey & Donna by the elevators in 6.01 online. Exactly! I also loved the raging fight they have in Harvey's office. You really caught their "essence" & how circular their fights are. As as onlooker all I wanted to yell was "you both are really on the same side" Not really but close enough. Of course what happens in Donna's apartment after is so so satisfying too. Thank you so much for posting this this morning. This IS the perfect start to the Suits premiere. Come what may but I will always have your wonderful stories. xo - em
7/13/2016 c6 Cez
Things really go as they are suppose to. I notice your writing is getting mature which helps a lot to capture greater moments of love. Satisfaction achieved. Thank you.
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