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for Because He Stayed

6/27/2016 c1 102Aviantei
Alright, way to make it in time, Johnny! Short but sweet often gets the point across.

Here we have some cute fluff of a relationship coming together. I think you nailed down getting a couple together without relying on too many cliche elements. Maybe a companion piece with some of Usnavi's feelings? Or a prequel. Or just a bunch of fluff drabbles in general. I could deal with that.

As I mentioned before, I do feel like a T rating would do this one well. You've gotten really good at adding a lot of emotion and detail to your scenes, and the intimacy of this one goes a bit beyond K. It is well done, though, and you know I want you to feel accomplished.

Whether you chose to continue with us or not, know that I'll always be there to enjoy your writing,

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