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for The Most Natural Thing

4/17 c1 Colleen S
3/23 c1 Delbert59
3/14 c1 dpennell007
8/31/2022 c1 Anniedexterous
Beautiful and sweet!
3/16/2022 c1 Wyndwhyspyr
Oh that was simply marvelous
2/8/2022 c1 MelodieMLB
This was superb! I enjoyed it tremendously. Thank you.
7/27/2021 c1 1clover cat Klee
what a beautiful idea for how to show Lizzy that this is her new rol *-* quite romantic, well done Mr. Darcy :D
7/1/2021 c1 30Bambu
So original and charming. What a fitting completion for the secondary story arc of Jane and Charles' love story. ::applauds::
6/11/2021 c1 1DJArla
Very cheeky and sweet
4/9/2021 c1 RHALiz
Beautiful storytelling and wonderfully written.

Thank you... please take care and be safe!
8/21/2020 c1 Levenez
Clever set up! Thank you
2/15/2020 c1 ChipzGrMione
Awwww...this is the sweetest story ever ️️️️️
10/14/2019 c1 Colleen s
Clever! And absolutely lovely!
6/29/2019 c1 1sunfun
6/29/2019 c1 Edward'sDJ
Very sweet. The job of the mistress looks pretty easy with such competent staff!
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