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2/20 c30 Littledutchiefirefly
Johnson as in Angelina
2/20 c25 Littledutchiefirefly
Boot as in Terry Boot
2/20 c26 Littledutchiefirefly
It is Grimmauld Place 12
2/20 c13 Littledutchiefirefly
What about Hannah Abbott
2/20 c12 Littledutchiefirefly
What about Edgar
2/20 c8 Littledutchiefirefly
Kate as in Marietta Edgecombe?
1/16 c32 SqrlLrd
Just finished ch 32. I started reading this story when you had just the first two chapters posted, and really liked the premise you set out to use. I then got caught up in reading a large number of other stories and did not get back around to reading this one again until you posted ch 32.
it is well written, the dialogue is good, the plot is consistent and is clearly thought out, both the positive and the negative aspects of Harry jumping through time and the consequences of doing so. Your a little light on the reasoning for not making changes compared to the other elements in your story but you did cover it more for Bones rationale, than Potters reasons.
But in my mind the one of the best lines in a FanFiction story goes the the last statement of ch 32, “well shit”- Voldemort, laughed out loud for a full minute. Glad I rediscovered this story hope is is one of the few good ones that actually gets completed.
1/12 c32 scott.fraser1976
Love the story. Would love to see it picked up again and completed
1/9 c5 AddamsOcean
I haven’t gotten very far in the story yet, but I am enjoying it. There was one review that stuck out to me, though, saying that Harry was “happy“ and very unlike his canon fifth year counterpart. I agree and disagree. There is a missed opportunity by mainly focusing on when he is with Amelia. This chapter gives us some insight into his darker feelings, but I’m not sure if it’s enough and it’s inclusion is somehow similar to his greeting on Amelia’s return to Hogwarts…
1/4 c32 FreelancerD0
While this story did seem a little rushed all in all I have enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.
1/1 c32 fortinpatric
Merci pour le chapitre
12/11/2022 c3 3Frau Kojiro
Mm, it feels a bit... rushed. Harry also doesn't seem to be grounded in reality at all. His very character is so carefree and completely unlike himself from book 5 which is when he was supposed to have time-traveled from, correct? Being OOC is fine and all, but he should at least show a little emotion or something from being ripped away from his friends and time. Other than that it's fine and rather different from other fics I've read recently.
11/6/2022 c32 myafroatemydog
Another fantastic chapter I binge read this now I need more
11/6/2022 c31 myafroatemydog
Another good chapter
11/6/2022 c30 myafroatemydog
Pretty well done chapter
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