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7/12/2022 c32 MrSunshine744
Absolutely brilliant, I’ve barely been able to put this down since I started reading it, very well put together!
7/11/2022 c32 Dakota Linebaugh
Knife Hand,

I came across your story by accident back when it was only a couple of chapters. Since then I check every new chapter and have to say you have talent in writing Fanfics. I hope to see this one completed and it be just as good as the 32 chapters so far have been. Keep up the work and dont let the haters bring you down (I know there are haters for every fanfic)
7/11/2022 c32 Wandering Immortal
Well shit. This is going to cause problems for a few people. Tom for one. Not sure how your writing Albus, but any attempt to control Harry is going to probably blow up in his face. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.
7/11/2022 c32 Akvis
7/11/2022 c32 yardchicken2
Thank you so much for the update! I’m enjoying this tremendously and appreciate you sharing your time and talents.G
7/11/2022 c32 cameron1812
Mwahahahahaha love Voldie's reaction!
7/10/2022 c32 Quinn Porthos
"Well, fuck."
7/10/2022 c32 767Radiant Arabian Nights
~Love this story~
~~Please write more soon:)~~
But take your time it's ok!
~~~This is great:)~~~
Keep up the good work!
~~~~Well written~~~~
Looking forward to reading more when you can:)!
~~~~~Your doing Great...Amazing...Really well done!~~~~~
Can't wait for the next update!
7/10/2022 c32 Uchicha ASHU
A welcome surprise to see this story updated. A very nice chapter. Welcome back. Hope you are doing well.
I will never understand why Dumbledore never asked Snape to grow the fuck up and let him destroy so many careers when he always professed that Hogwarts students career’s was his most important responsibility.
Voldemort’s reaction was hilarious and sums up his situation well.
Thanks for the chapter! Hope to read more soon!
7/10/2022 c32 Ep
7/10/2022 c32 Erinnyes01
It's always so very satisfying to see someone finally tell Snape to grow the hell up, usually after inserting some sense manually. Great chapter.
7/10/2022 c32 gamer2000kane
Keep up the good work cant wait for the next update.
7/10/2022 c32 agentinfinity
First, thanks for coming back to work on this!
Second, it's definitely Super!
Third, I looks forward to seeing what you have next!
7/10/2022 c4 Victorius 435
If you will ever revisit the chapters , I suggest to watch out for word repeats. LikeAndalong with “Ancient runes” because it stop a little the flow of the story. Apart from that, I’m liking the story and I’m looking forward to read all of it.
7/10/2022 c32 draconin
Great to have an update on this one - still enjoying it! I'm guessing that Susan and Hermione are going to be central to the next chapter? Perhaps with a bit of Snape bashing? :-)
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