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3/15 c8 Nimbus2023
This feels more like a story outline than an actual story.
3/15 c3 Nimbus2023
The scenes don't really transition very well and there are far too many 'coincidental meetings' considering that we're only three chapters in. It just feels like you're rushing the story along rather than letting it progress in a believable fashion.
3/15 c2 Nimbus2023
Minister Fudge only got Harry's school supplies in the movie, in the book Harry did his own shopping and spent a few weeks staying at the Leaky Cauldron.
3/15 c1 Nimbus2023
I'm s little confused about how Harry suddenly appears in the past.
3/13 c33 ClaireR89
Now 4 years till the next chapter
3/7 c33 CelebTil
I would just like to say this is the first Amilia bones/Harry potter match-up I've seen where he goes back in time & attends all 7 years of hogwarts. I also enjoy how you weaved the elements of DR WHO into the story. Using fake Angels in a combat excersize is inspired, something I would expect from luna's corkscrew thinking. Beautifly done , the story catches your intrest quickly, plot progresses at a good pace, characters have depth without overly long background set up.

Thank You for the time and effort it takes to bring this story to us!
3/6 c5 1Xanathos
The biggest problem with the John Carter of Mars series is the sheer number of times Carter is knocked unconcious. with the amount of head trauma he receives in that series, he should have serious permanent brain damage. Other wise it is a great series.
3/4 c33 1Sanders7201
glad u updated. i remember starting this story on archive of our own back in the day. glad it iant abandoned.
3/4 c33 1blcoachmac
Tonks getting vicious! A competent police force! Tom is going to be pissed!
3/4 c32 blcoachmac
Lol! That was poetic!Well fuck!
3/3 c33 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great read so far. Appreciate the update!
2/29 c20 dave
right war wards only killed 4 thats why wards are so useless in harry potter the only reason they seem to exist is for someone to take them down
2/29 c29 dave
never understood why they never put the unforgivables under a taboo like voldy did so when someone used his named death eaters showed up this way if someone used a unforgivable the law would show up
3/2 c33 cameron1812
So glad to see an update, love the change to Auror fighting tactics!
3/1 c33 Uchicha ASHU
Glad to see this updated even though I had to read a few old chapters before I remembered the current arc.
Harry and Amelia’s influence is showing quite well in how the aurors are operating these days as they seem to be a well oiled machine.
Looking forward to read more and hope you will be able to continue this now.
Thanks for the chapter!
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