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3/1 c33 torlan2003
Great story still one of my absolute favorites. I thank you for revisiting it. It gave me an excuse to read it again. I have always enjoyed a story that Harry gets support and a chance to train and be learn. Thank you for writing.
3/1 c33 Dillonga2
Can’t wait for the next chapter
3/1 c33 61D.J. Scales
Holy scales this is epic and eye opening
3/1 c16 3Herach
I suspected it when you started talking about hom learning about muggle wars.. but him having a pistol on him at all time seals it. I have no interest in a story with guns. It completely ruins the feel of magic for me, which is a shame because I liked the concept of this story.
3/1 c33 Hands Off MY Wolfie
DEs got unlucky with who came to flush them out. A left-handed Auror whose injury didn't take them out of the fight and the other Aurors were not the pacifistic Order.

Harry's reputation as a hunted survivor is discussed in class with much input from his friends.

Thanks for sharing.
3/1 c33 3Coral Skipper
I'm always happy to see a new chapter. Keep it up
2/29 c33 phoenix-rob
Great update, thank you
2/29 c33 N7SPARTAN-Commander-Jay117
Nice chap. Read this a few times glad to see its still alive :)
2/29 c33 Lexx75
Man, it's good to see you're still Alive! It's about time you update. Good chapter. This story is one of my favorites...and i've read a LOT of them. Keep up the good work. Take care.
2/29 c33 Rebac
I love this story so much!
2/29 c33 myafroatemydog
Good chap
2/29 c2 AkashaPsihi
Quick question author. Arou you mates with George R. R. Martin?
2/29 c33 7RedOuroboros
nice to see a new chapter, good story
2/29 c33 5michaelc100
great chapter, thanks for updating
2/29 c33 Mr.BrownOptometrist
Great chapter, keep up the awesome work
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