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for Batman Beyond: Volume 2

1/30 c8 1Lilthug
Hey he's back. Not much happened here but the character interactions were fun to read. Terry and Brian are gonna have a fun relationship I'm sure, and Yinn...there's something about his past we are about to find out. Good chapter Nomad.
1/16 c7 Guest
great chapter as always. Btw is there any chance that TSA spider-man vol 3 is coming back because that was one of my favourite fics
11/27/2020 c7 Paul Watson
So now that you're back does this mean an update TASM Vol 3 soon as I honestly miss it a fanfiction has never given me emotion like it did
11/25/2020 c7 JustSomeGuyReadingStuff
Nice chapter I enjoyed every second of it. On a separate note, do you think you'll be continuing the TSA Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 stories or did you decide to drop it? Just curious since the story is solid but a chapter hasn't been posted in a long time.
11/21/2020 c6 3ShadowSaiyan316
Another good chapter, I'm curious if this universe's Bruce ever set up extra batcaves like the Asylum cave from the Arkham games or hidden caves at decommissioned Wayne facilitates in the event the main cave was completely compromised. I gotta say though with each passing issue I get more excited for the Gotham Knights video game.
11/21/2020 c7 maxtime
Well, this was a nice transitory chapter that keeps the momentum going. Something i keep forgetting to mention, but i like how you are using not only old characters to reappear (with this i mean characters of the days of Bruce at his youth), but also mixing it with the future characters (with this i mean characters beyond Bruce prime/youth era) like the commisioner of The dark knight returns.
It really keeps you, the reader on your toes, and makes this story that more richer in my opinion
11/21/2020 c7 2JPrime
11/21/2020 c7 1Lilthug
Finally team Batman is making there comeback. I also see what you're doing setting up the next generation of Gotham crime fighetrs.
It's all coming together, I'm sure Max will catch Oracles attention if she can break the lock down. This was a great chapter Nomad.

Here's a difficult question. Do you have a headcanon for how old Bruce is during pivotal moments in his career? 25 is when he starts out but what when Damian was born and when Talia introduced them? And then in the flashback which takes place during the Fall of Batman? I imagine he's like 45 or in his 50s at most. It's just your headcanon so I guess it can be whatever you want.
11/21/2020 c7 Iron Spider Fan
Man the tension between Dick and Barbra was something else. The action in this chapter was good and it's nice Damian is expressing his concerns for Terry who really has his work cut out for him now that the National Guard is his enemy. I wonder if he ever found out about project Batman Beyond and knows of his and Terry's connection. And Terry's mother seems to know something as well because I remember her reaction to Damian at Bruce's funeral but time will tell.

More on Lincoln's backstory was unexpected but was a pleasure to read. Why his mother hates Bruce is understandable but I'm sure if she revealed herself her would've helped because even though he doesn't love Julie Lincoln is still his son so I'm sure he would've done anything he could to help. This is on her really.

Bruce and Selina finally ending it...I'm more of a Batman and Wonder Woman shipper (thank you cartoon) but they do make sense together so I'm sure this was painful for both of them. Imagine Selina having a granddaughter following in her foot steps and causing drama for Terry and Dana, oh boy.

I hope Brian makes it out okay against the Talon, especially with his crush being a spectator. Another great chapter and like always looking forward to the next one!
11/8/2020 c6 2JPrime
Things are heating up! Keep it up Nomad88.
11/8/2020 c6 maxtime
Well, i manage to catch the 2 chapters back to back, just know. And my god they are amazing! In particular i love the Dick and Damian moment, along side the Terry in limbo moment, so fitting. Also interesting return of the twins, looks like we can expect more Jokerz shenanigans.
11/8/2020 c6 Dark King Marcel
Dude i love this story it gets better and better with each chapter Keep up the great work i can't wait to see what happen next
11/7/2020 c6 1Lilthug
Oh boy The Court of Owls really isn't letting up. Everyone is being pushed and the reveal of Lincoln's past was a nice twist. Man can Bruce have daughter? it seems he can only have boys lol. Another great chapter and if writing these chapters are stressful than please take as long as you need. You're doing us a service and we thank you for it because these stories are great.
11/7/2020 c6 Iron Spider Fan
This was a fast update. I'm really enjoying this story man. Keeping track of everything is hard but the effort you must go through to write these chapters must be crazy. Also the research that must be involved...oh boy. I like the divergence from canon on the history of Lincoln and I'm looking forward to seeing more of him. Keep up the great work and thanks for these amazing stories.
11/6/2020 c5 Iron Spider Fan
Ah it's finally up. This was an intense chapter man. Brian really showed how he's earned the mantle of Nightwing and it looks like Carrie has a crush! Barbra and Yinnn being badass and the reveal that Damian has another brother was a twist. Not sure how you're going to diverge from canon with that talons relationship with the Wayne's but I'm sure it'll be great.
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