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for Batman Beyond: Volume 2

7/4/2016 c2 45King of 2211
And here I though Riddler and Ivy had gangs inspired by them, awe well. But the Court of Owls seem psycho as ever, wonder how you connected them with Damian,


Happy 4th!
7/4/2016 c2 maxtime
Man, i didn't expected Riddler to be part of the Court of Owls. And what has Poison Ivy has to do with the Court? And man, oh man, Max is in some serious troubles, and this attacks were just a bait for the real trap? Man, this sounds interesting.

I can't wait for the next chaptures, it certainly is building to some great things
7/4/2016 c2 Dark King Marcel
Great a new chapter thank you
Oh man i can't wait to see what happens next
Keep up the great work :)
6/30/2016 c1 Guest
Thanks for the update years in the making. Once again, you've hit the ground running. Good to see Terry settled into the role of Batman and while I am glad Damian is still involved, I wonder when the time will come that Terry can go in the field full-time without aid. Interesting move bringing Chelsea in and cool stuff with Arkham Origins. And are Nelson and Terry friends now? The Court is an awesome addition and I'm guessing they won't take kindly to Gothtopia. I'm assuming you have big plans for Yinn. I'm SO HYPED for what you do next (and when Thorne inevitably kicks the bucket and Olivia takes over Gotham, LOL).
6/29/2016 c1 Dark King Marcel
6/28/2016 c1 26tailedninja
Holy crap! I didn't expect you to start out with the Court!
Nice Arkham Origins reference there!
6/28/2016 c1 11Transformers g1's-Prime
Great chapter!

This new story arc is off to a great start and I like the new spin on having more Talon assassins already out rather than just one. Not to mention having Lincoln March in this may bring about a pretty interesting conversation between him and Damian.

And the mobsters gathering together to recreate the plan to kill the Batman on Christmas Eve is already sounding exciting as I can't wait for what kinds of crazies this will bring out. I sense that Bane Jr. may have a return coming soon.

I can't wait to see what happens next!

Keep up the good work!

P.S. Will there be a new version of Hush Beyond in this story?
6/28/2016 c1 MasterOfDragonsGod
Nice to see more of this
6/28/2016 c1 Thatonenames
Well ok talk about 0 to 60 indeed. I'm so looking forward to court of owls, it's my top 5 best bat arcs. Don't want to spoil anything but is a certain bat ward still going to have a connection to the Owls, if so I can't freaking wait.
6/28/2016 c1 maxtime
Well, this just begun strong, i really didn't expected Damian to already be in mortal danger, or the plan to re-create path for Batmanto move through the city. And Court of Owls aren't holding back anymore, i mean, attacking the Mafia, Batman and Damian in a public place? Damn that they are going all out.
6/28/2016 c1 1Ranger Station Charlie
Well the bats back, again lol

Court of Owls, that's one group in DC I know almost nothing about.
6/28/2016 c1 45King of 2211
The Court are pretty messed up birdies, even Green Arrow has a Court of his own. Anyways, turns out Dana hates Cunningham less; hope to see what else is dished out in this Volume.
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