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7/29 c318 Jostanos
Nice! I like this, Q. Please allow more of the same soon. :)
7/29 c318 Skull Flame
- I'm glad to see more of this, and I like it so far.
- Luna looks like a half-drow, but she's not... Intriguing. I like it.
- So... Who was first, Harry Potter or Vagus? I like the fact that he has Failnaught though, and his name: Apollyon. Also known as Abaddon, mostly known for being an angel/demon related to the Apocalypse, if I'm not mistaken. I like your choice of naming.
7/28 c318 73Dis Lexic
Minor point, but Reincarnation is more than possible in the Forgotten Realms, its a 5th level spell. Hell, theres a good chance that Vierna could use it.
7/28 c318 9Dragon Man 180
Nice chapter, I love Luna being related to Elisatraee, it works and makes sense. Is it wrong I can picture her dancing through a battle with a long sword and chopping wands, arms, legs, and whatever to a beat only she can hear?

How will Vierna react to people like Neville's Grandmother and McGonagall? I can see her instinctively treating them like a Drow Matron. Umbridge on the other hand... Maybe look up potion ingredients from giant pink toads?
7/17 c317 Suspicious Minds
You have such a gift. Great update.
7/16 c317 Jostanos
Omake/Chapter Titles?:
"When Shizu Hits the Fan.. for making awful puns."
"When Shizu hits the fan.. because she wasn't looking where she was going."
"When Harry met Shizu."
"Shizu in Seattle?" nah. that's too silly. *blinks and gasps* UNLESS SHE'S _FROM_ SEATTLE!
7/15 c317 3Akasha Drake
blue mage, eh? wonder if he didn't already have that at birth. it would explain an infant 'reflecting' the killing curse... instinctively using blue mage, then the learned ability that he was too young to internalize properly, letting it go.

if so, then blue mage would give him a gift for the practical on spells used on him...
7/15 c317 9Dragon Man 180
Oh, this chapter has FEELS. Hopefully Harry gets some warm fuzzy ones soon!
7/14 c317 LoamyCoffee
Good talk. And Rimuru should get the clause for Self Defense in there to at least try to mitigate what Falmuth will try later.
I am eager to see what other changes will be brought about with Harry's presence.
7/14 c317 8FitsofRage
This is full of future greatness and also giggles lol
7/14 c317 2Lordlexx
I would actually have to disagree about Harry having the potential to be an obscuras. To become one you have to despise your magic and deny it completely. Harry loved magic. He may have disliked the magical world, but he loved magic.

It's not physical abuse or even emotional abuse that turns one into an obscuras. It's those paired with the rejection of your magic. Harry was never pushed that far. He found ways to cope and move on and never let it break him. From all the info available, canon Harry was never in danger of becoming one. And honestly it makes it harder to believe his becoming one in this story. It's not something that someone his age should have to worry about it. But I do believe in author liberties in twisting things a bit to make something work as well.
7/14 c317 8Story-lover1414
I really hope that this actually becomes a full story cause I want to see what differences Harry will make to Tempest
7/14 c317 5Tenzo51
Damn, really hard not to root for this to be a whole story, fuck you make some compelling ass character driven stories. Plus, now I can’t help but wonder what an ultimate skill evolved from obscurus would look like, shits interesting to say the least.
7/14 c317 2Mugen-Muse
On the bright side, Rimuru adding in the self-defense clause to his rule might help. Maybe.
7/14 c316 WearyCurmudgeon
Sounds about right.

This Harry was never given a reason to love and cherish his magic, like say a FemHarry would if her Magic kept her safe from a Vernon with a liking for little girls if you catch my drift.

Might not understand what he'd been trying to do, but instinctively know that this would break her in a way that she might not be able to heal from.

This Harry, and Canon Harry really, have only really seen the negative sides of magic. Thus hating it makes sense.

As for JKR's assertions, it's essentially a retcon. IIRC, the initial publications of her work had the Dursleys as far worse than the current printings do.

Then again, she only later on came up with the idea of an obscurial, realized she'd set up Harry to be one, considering his original treatment, didn't want that, so started altering things to fit her new paradigm. (Rather than creating a framework and then filling in the details.)

No different from Harry originally being the grandson of Charlus and Dorea, then not because it would make him too closely related to Ginny. Never mind that we now have a plot hole of a paternal uncle who had legal claim over Harry, both as a legal and magical guardian with Sirius in Azkaban, yet who's nowhere to be seen in the books when it comes to his famous kinsman, and one of his last remaining kin to boot.
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