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for The Cauldron (Archive and sample chapters)

1/28 c260 Lawbringer
Loving this one more and more! I hope ya write it out as a full story!
1/28 c260 KaiserUltima
I know they're not really shown in-game aside from texts, but will you have him know any fire sorcery instead of just pyromancy? Or is that what you meant by him creating some of his own?
1/28 c259 4597boss
1/28 c259 Za Warudo
I think this is worth a story. Very unique and Interesting, I have not seen anyone do anything really with the Children of Izalith, unless it was the 2 spider-y ones. To see a crossover where it expands on the Age of Fire in it's prime and giving Priscilla some actual happiness, I'm all in.
1/28 c259 haust22
I might only know some of the Dark Souls Lore, but I for one hope this one makes it to it's own fic, I really want to read more and see where you take this
1/28 c259 13Have a Little Feith
Yeah, I definitely hope that Harry gets to "touch fluffy tail". If you want other souls-esque games to play once you're done your foray into the Souls-verse, beyond Bloodbourne, which I haven't played yet, thouhh I've been meaning to, might I suggest Code Vein? If you do play that one, I have one piece of advice, complete every shard for the best available ending in the game. that's the best I can tell you without actually spoiling anything. oh, and that Parry is OP in that game. you can instantly kill most enemies if you parry properly. It's just getting the timing down that's the issue.

anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this. Priscilla has my favourite design out of all the Souls characters. She's so fluffy, and kinda adorable.
1/28 c259 Z.L.C. genesmith
Uh, there is no mere 'possibility' of Gwyn inflicting the Darksign on humanity in the Dark Souls trilogy. It is an irrefutable, canonical fact that he DID inflict that curse on humanity. Why you ask? Well, your best bet would be to look up the lore surrounding the Darksign on either the dark souls wiki, or YouTube, in order for you to get the whole story about why he created the Darksign in the first place. That, or manage to progress far enough into the series, as well as each games respective dlc, if you feel like torturing yourself by taking the LONG way towards learning about the Darksign's origins.
1/28 c259 2mwinter1
1/28 c259 BlaszczeM
Awesome! I rrreeeaaaaallly hope you turn this idea into a proper fic. Not too happy about Hermione being there, or the fact that there seems to be the constant possibility of anyone entering the Painted World if they find the Come and Go Room (even the elves), or the implication that Harry will pull Priscilla out of the Painted World (good), and into the Wizarding World (bad).
Also, it seems previous Harry was a Sorcerer? Not a Pyromancer? Not did you imply any connection to his past life aside from the dreams, where you'd think there'd be some hints in his magic
1/28 c259 4Twilight-Lloyd
Fluffy tail rules all.
1/28 c259 3Acolyte of the Blood Moon
Fighting Priscilla is one of the hardest fights in the game, not because the fight is hard (though it is), but because you really don't need to kill her, and in my case, want to kill her. The other is the fight with Sif. Sif is best doggo, you can't change my mind.
1/28 c259 OceansHeart
Really good
1/28 c259 LoamyCoffee
So delicious~ I'm very much intrigued by the idea of this, you've even given Harry talent in painting. I don't think I've seen anyone do that with him. I can count on one hand the amount of Dark Souls stories that have gained my interest and Arawn D Draven and Neon Zangetsu are among them.
Oh yes, I'm looking forward to how you do with this.
1/27 c259 3S0UL SURVIVOR
Dark souls? Let me know if you have Lore Questions, i can help out a bit
1/27 c259 memoriesaremyreality
How’s the painted world still there from what I understand the original painted world was destroyed and then remade as the painted world from ds3 I could be wrong though
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