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for The Cauldron (Archive and sample chapters)

2/12 c263 BlaszczeM
Interesting. I must admit I look forward to this more than Harry/Priscilla. As much as I like the fluffy waifu, I absolutely love Bloodborne, despite how frustrationg it could get at times, and Lady Maria was my favourite character. Definitely the coolest. So I really would like to see more of this. However, I hope some things from Yharnam will carry over. Maybe not the other Hunters, at least not in the way of them coming to the Harry Potter world, but it'd be really cool if you included some Great Ones, influence to the world. Whether it came with Harry and Maria, or it was always there, and the Paleblood in their veins allows them to notice it.
I also noticed you didn't write anything about weapons, aside from that one bit early. I assume they brought their weapons with them to Hogwarts. I wonder what kind of weapon Harry uses. Maybe something original? Maria has her Rakuyo, and some pistol, but for Harry, the best weapon would be the Holy Moonlight Sword, which belongs to Ludwig. I don't think you mentioned him, but he was around that time. Still, maybe some Dex/Arcane rapier? Oh, and I'm curious about his magic, and how it interacted with the Arcane, and how the presence of the Great Ones impacted it. Maybe in future chapters?
2/12 c263 49Polydicta
I don't know the 'Old Hunters' at all ... but this was great.
2/12 c1 Dasgun
2/12 c263 3WhiteElfElder
Well, Albus wanted his weapon to be able to fight...now he has one that has been tempered and sharpened to a razor's edge.
2/12 c263 Connorfig
Always love a good Bloodborne fic. Nowhere near enough of them in my opinion and one written by one of the writers I like the most on this site? Hell yes
2/12 c263 3Acolyte of the Blood Moon
Very interesting, hope this one works out.
2/11 c263 Z.L.C. genesmith
Hmm. This story looks like it may be a good one. If it does become official, I'll most likely read it myself.
2/11 c263 LoamyCoffee
Well, that's understandable. Also what a chapter.
I'll admit that I vaguely remember the Old Hunters, but am intrigued to see how this Harry handles things.
Time is indeed bullshit for the game, but does work in your favor.
2/11 c263 31Alias001
Think looks interesting. I for one is particularly curious about what trick-weapon from Bloodborne Harry wields. Personally I hope it’s the Burial Blade, ‘cause scythes are cool and it rolls with the whole Master of Death-thing - grim reaper. Looking forward to reading more of this.

Yours truly
2/11 c263 jmartinez8089
If you like Harry Potter and Bloodborne together then I recommend The Archeologist by Racke. If you haven't read it yet then great, read it its awesome. If you have read it already then great, read it again its awesome.
2/11 c263 Mint Man Bail
This looks promising. I'm looking forward to seeing more. Also, I take it you also like Jonathan Young? I too am a fan
2/11 c262 Patti Catt
Really good, wow, on the edge of my chair
2/9 c262 Kayleigh 999
Another good one
2/8 c262 Lemoncello 158
That was extra super good.
2/7 c1 Drcaus
Ubel Bratt and Akame ga kill crossover
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