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for The Cauldron (Archive and sample chapters)

2/19 c265 9Shahismael
An interesting start of a story, this with the other bloodborne related chapters have peaked my itnerest in giving the game a go, just a pity i suck at dark soul type games...
2/19 c265 2Thundramon
Woah, is Harry the good hunter? Also has he ascended? I am really eager to see this become a full story. Hogwarts is already part gothic so the visuals atleast would mesh well with Yharnam. And Voldemort tangling with a nascent elder god and stealing Harry's blood to resurrect himself seems like a really bad idea now. The deatheaters atleast would be outgunned and outcrazied.
2/19 c265 31Alias001
This looks interesting. Here’s hoping that it actually gets any further than just a sample. I think it’d be quite amusing, in a karmic and rather sadistic way, if Maria is the one to… get rid of Gilderoy Knock-off… with a quicksilver bullet to the groin and a visceral attack!

Yours truly
2/17 c264 wanderingwitchelaine
nice thanks for the chapter
2/14 c264 Jostanos
Oh shards.. Harry and Maria going Sirius' ancestral home where the Weasleys', and Hermione are is a bad idea.
2/13 c264 Z.L.C. genesmith
Okay, this has only solidified my desire to see this become an actual story you'll put up on the site, just so I can read it. Keep up the good work, and remember: Take Your Own Sweet Time.
2/13 c264 3WhiteElfElder
Ron especially will react badly to Harry being older and being in relationship, followed by Ginny.
2/13 c264 BlaszczeM
Cool. Hope to see more.
Do you plan on adding some madness to Maria and Harry? All Hunters were more or less mad, both because of the influence of the Paleblood, and the horrors of the Hunt, and the Great Ones they enountered, or far gone beasts. Did you incorporate the Insight here? Insight allows you to see the unseen, and you gain more by encountering Great Ones.
Even if they don't yet have eyes on the inside, or their eyes are yet to open xd
2/13 c264 Dasgun
2/13 c264 49Polydicta
... and the plot thickens and stirs ...
2/12 c264 LoamyCoffee
Hmm, I think this went well. Felt nice.
Also read those stories you recommended, they were pretty good though DARKISH SOULS seemed to appeal to me the most.
2/12 c264 4597boss
wouldn't mind this becoming a story.
2/12 c264 5Tenzo51
Reason is a fantastic name for a whip cane, but all my respect to Harry’s other weapon. A vicious weapon of death named after one of the most legendary monster hunters, how utterly appropriate.
2/12 c263 Lawbringer
I really hope ya end up turning this into a full story!
2/12 c263 BorderLand
Power dark lord know not...yeah Harry has plenty of that now. I didn't play the game myself but I pretty sure about 90% of the things inside are more lethal then Voldemort.
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