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11/11/2019 c1 2savwafair
aww this is precious! I like it a lot. this is going into my "what do you mean 'it's not canon?head canon vault and there's nothing you can do to change that!
thank you so much for sharing this with us!
9/4/2018 c1 itsxoi
awwwwwwww.. this is so damn beautiful. As Natsu's concerned about Lucy, fretting like a mother hen, it's fluffing adorable how they try to compromise between their deal about fighting in the war. And I'm just loving the Canon within this fic. And I really love how you come to portray the characters within the situation they are in. Beautifully done. Hoping for more stories from you.
7/4/2018 c1 3xxdelightfullxx
This is so precious! They both care so much and what a perfect ending
5/12/2018 c1 5ImFaMOOSE
This is so well written and in character! I love it!
12/25/2017 c1 11little stuffs
This is one of ny favourite oneshots. I never get tired of reading this. I just love those fics with Natsu going nuts about Lucy's carelessness over her wounds. Just the best ever. 5he set up was just amazing and fits. These two just work so well.
7/17/2017 c1 1SazHearT
This was sooooooo goood...love NALU so much..
6/12/2017 c1 2Flamey Owl
Awww this is so adorable! :3
8/4/2016 c1 Dwarrior
Beautifully done story. Brilliant. Great job...
7/20/2016 c1 mlndtrjvr
Awesome! You really grasped their character! Hoping you would continue where you left off. Anyways, a very job well done.
7/9/2016 c1 14Stormborn Dragneel
This was so good! So in character! Great job!
7/1/2016 c1 1thelemonroll
Ah love the first chapter so much! Can't wait for more!
6/28/2016 c1 10three-colour-rainbow123
This was so beautiful! And everyone was so in character!
6/28/2016 c1 silver light of
I hope you continue this. It's wonderful!
6/28/2016 c1 krishan
I am the first one whose read this stroy and is wonderful :)
6/28/2016 c1 122Dark Shining Light
Cute story. I really enjoyed it
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