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10/3 c49 Guest
DancingDR here. Having trouble signing into .

Thanks so much for continuing this story. I'm really enjoying it. I know you have a few epics in the works and I'm glad you are adding to this one. Also enjoy your other works! Keep 'em coming!

Love Long and Prosper While Making It So. DancingDR
9/27 c48 12Spot and Punk
Another cracker of a story! Can't wait to see how this pans out. Loving the unusual season 1 retrospective perspective too :)
9/12 c48 Nordique
Enjoying this story. Thanks for writing
9/12 c48 Zara08
I don’t think anyone should be in rikers head, 15 year old or 30 ish
9/11 c47 Guest
Hi! DancingDR here (having trouble signing in). I'm so very very happy that you are continuing this story. I really like where it's heading and can't wait for next words of greatness. Love your P\C stories ... Cannot get enough of them so please update asap. Thanks so much and be safe out there! Open and close hailing frequencies with masks on :)

Love Long And Prosper While Making It So DancingDR
9/10 c47 Guest
Please please please “get back to it.” Life happens; We all get that. But “Prime Directive” is one of my favorite stories. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!
9/9 c47 Zara08
And oh have I missed it wow! Great chapter filled with mystery intrigue...more please, an no I won’t wait 12 months, I’m as impatient and on edge as Picard right now, I want answers! Lol! See covid isolation hasn’t affected me at all
9/9 c47 6Samisim
I'm glad you picked this story back up. I really enjoyed this latest chapter.
9/9/2019 c46 Zara08
Picard needs to remember...he is wearing a red shirt lol!
9/8/2019 c46 sash queen of the jungle
Oh so much in here. I was waiting for beverly to erupt at will. Interesting jeAlously from Picard. Did he mean to find Petral and threaten him over beverly? It was quite a threat back. Can’t wait to see what Beverly’s reaction will be and if she hears what jean Luc did? How will she react to jean Luc?
9/5/2019 c45 Zara08
Ooooo creepy crawly nervous time something is up
9/5/2019 c45 sash queen of the jungle
So Picard is taking to cowards way out and leaving it up to riker, sorry he depending on riker. I think the ginger haired beauty will loose her temper and I think it will be targeted at the captain that could be a scene. I bet he wish she were his wife that might give her some protection from petal? That might have given Picard a excuse or reason to protect beverly by marrying her... can’t wait for more.
8/22/2019 c44 sash queen of the jungle
So many risks and so uncomfortable with everything in this planet. What is behind everything they are? What will happen to the enterprise crew. I don’t trust the premier del.
7/27/2019 c43 2Fivesacharm
I've devoured this story...you should definitely finish it!
7/24/2019 c43 sash queen of the jungle
Nice to see this story back again. Thanks for writing and sharing. More please
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