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6/8 c1 Samuel Warshaw
You should totally continue this, premise is great. I know it is unlikely though, because how long it has been.
10/2/2018 c3 The shuner
Update please
12/19/2017 c3 3several authors
Well, your story's good, but about their Semblances, they will be what you think suits them best. Since according to RWBY, a Semblance is an extension of the personality (i think).
10/16/2017 c3 Guest
how about a targeting semblance for the sniper?
7/4/2017 c3 Guest
Could you post another chapter soon. It has been almost a year.
6/23/2017 c1 Kai'sa is best girl
6/22/2017 c1 Kai'sa is best girl
reallt interesting story my dude! This could be something looking forward to the next chapter
5/18/2017 c2 shadow
I liked the chapter!
2/2/2017 c3 1TopHatGuy
Lol, "Slight delay" do you mean half a year? It shouldn't take that long.
1/12/2017 c3 outcast ranger
very good story so far I will be watching for the next chapter
8/1/2016 c3 2Lunaris Eclipse
You could try having their semblances and/or auras locked until you find what you want to do that way you can continue the story and keep your readers satisfied. Keep it up the good work!
7/17/2016 c3 S-117
I need more chapters. But I feel you with the writers block tho for the Semblance ideas. Try something related to fire, shadow, and earth (dirt or rock) manipulation or something. These are the three things that poppe into my head so you can try em out.
7/16/2016 c3 Guest
When used, the semblance could be the ability of a faster firing rate, with an endless supply in the magazine while he can keep it up. It would be extremely taxing, using 50% of the aura in about 3 minutes
7/17/2016 c1 hirshja
Gah, info dump. Alright let's see where this goes.
7/16/2016 c3 2Grenadier 658244-526455
Hey there, I've been writing a similar story for a while now.(Don't read it, it's shit. Kinda.) Major thing is while on a person to person basis Earthling have a stronger, larger soul, our background radiation is so high compared to Remnant that we can only manifest an Aura strong enough to protect against a paper cut or two. Only two of the characters have been able to survive Remnant long enough to gain Semblances. They both Are a twisted parody of a Remnant one, only usable for the purpose of claiming a life. The most important thing about them is they tie into the fundemental building blocks of their characters.

Krauss's Semblance is chaotic and stems from his Pyromania. It Tends to manifest in a blazing urge to do harm and kill, engulfing him and his sword in a cloak of flickering flames and embers. While nowhere near as terrifying as Wilhelm's, it still unnerves those around him. The flames around him seem to hold a malicious intent and always seem to bend to cause more pain and suffering. It's only been used once, and the effects were unsettling at the least. It triggered after Wilhelm was killed in battle. In a blood fuelled rage, he killed eight white fang and a higher up with his sword and pistol even cutting through a sword at one point, a feat that under ANY other circumstances would be impossible for a Earthling to do.

Wilhelm, Wilhelm is diffrent. As a former SS man he brings a lot of history and dread to the table. While he never worked the camps, he was involved in some less then morally correct situations. The People of Remant are alway a bit put off while around him, as if they can feel the crushing weight of the innocent souls he bears. When his His Semblance kicks in, the effects are amplified a hundred fold causing almost anyone near him to go into almost catatonic state that not even the Grimm are immune to. The only people of Remnant who do not become completely unhinged around it are Ruby, Jaune, and Nora. Physically, it appears as a black shadow/fog that will change shape at random, gathering around his legs, or forming corrupted angel wings ect. Inside it you could glimpse the faces of those his MG42 have claimed.

Maybe this gave you some ideas, maybe it didn't. Good luck figuring this out.
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