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10/15/2023 c70 18celticwitch77
I absolutely loved this story. It is the best one I read so far.
1/8/2023 c14 1InARealPickle
I wanted to love this story but I just can't. It makes no sense logically. Hotch can prove via DNA testing that Harry is his son. There is zero reason for them to hide that beyond the author's desire to create drama using this pointless plothole.
Also, no way any parent would send their kidnapped child BACK to the country that kidnapped him to spend more than half the year there. America has schools too. There was no reason for Harry to go back to a situation that Hotch Knew was dangerous. Harry wanted to go? Well Boo-freaking-hoo
It's called PARENTING
12/10/2022 c1 4IridianRae
By the way, I need more storyline with Blue the patronus. That was my all time favorite character. Please don't be upset if a random blue like patrumus starts to appear in my stories. it would only be an homage to your skill.
12/10/2022 c70 IridianRae
Holy... wow. First off let me just say that it's been YEARS since a story has taken me on such an emotional rollercoaster. I felt like I was truly a part of this tale. I laughed with the characters, cried with them, learned with them and grew with them. I even bawled at the finality of the ending, and smiled while I did it, because it was PERFECT. I cannot praise you enough for your story, your wonderfully strong literary prose. Watching Hotch and Harry grow and watching Hotch be such an amazing dad was only pert of it. You managed to infuse every bit of the BAU with the correct personality and not even a bit of it was ooc. Rossi and his sly ways, Reids overexcitability, Morgans protective streak, Garcias funny lovable self, Elle and her inability to stand injustice and her temper, JJ and her interactions with Reid, Prentiss and her funny remarks, Gideon and how calm and steady he always seemed before Frank and Hotch and his cool headed assessment of almost every situation and how different he was at home. I am saving this story as one of my all time favorites and I couldn't have found a better way to start my journey into this crossover genre if I had even tried! Cudos to you for such a gripping and heart warming tale. Please, if you are able to, continue to write, the world NEEDS authors like you. If you wrote your own book, you would have a fan in me.
6/9/2022 c70 booklover1579
This story is amazing
4/15/2022 c4 MournfulDuchess
not me crying at "welcome back"
2/26/2022 c70 4SilverMidas
Awesome story. it made me cry and laugh. Especially that point with Foyet and Blue. My mother thought I was choking because I was trying to muffle giggles.
8/26/2021 c28 moonprincess97524
Do you realize that you changed Jack's age from six to eight?
8/24/2021 c22 moonprincess97524
So if Pettigrew was trying to help the Potters, when did he turn to the dark side?
8/24/2021 c1 Lynn. M. A
I laughed, I cried, I also recommend the story to others, it was very well though out and very well written. I will definitely be coming back for more read threws
8/23/2021 c19 moonprincess97524
I was looking at the whole Fawcett thing as being a sibling/cousin thing. I think that Sirius going to the BAU might make him think first before demanding to be able to see/talk to the team in person.
8/20/2021 c70 blackthorngirl85
I have reread this story a few times now and I have to say I love it! everytime I get to the end I don't know if I want to cry or smile... I usually smile. I'm sad that Hotch died but it feels... right. I think everyone will be OK
6/20/2021 c70 Liss
It was just... Idk, amazing, incredible, breathtaking...! I laughed a lot, I cried a lot, and I loved every character really. Obviously my fav part was the relationship between Harry and Hotch, but I liked so much Draco and Garcia and Blaise and Gideon too. This fic is the best I've ever read.
4/20/2021 c1 1kisstina123
I read this AGES ago and had to come back. Such an incredible story line and can’t wait to experience it all again!
4/2/2021 c49 Moran9-Ashborn
good job in this chapter...I though I was dying with harry, I really got torn up but seriously the ending haahahsh damn I almost couldnr breathe cause I kept trying to sniffle while my nose was clogged TmT
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