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8/30/2016 c2 Guest
Please update soon I really like this story.
8/30/2016 c1 Inherifan1
Oops posted before I finished. Sorry. Anyway continuing.

So, to finalize this huge speech of mine, thank you for listening. I hope I've inspired you (whoops, daydreaming again, I couldn't inspire anyone ) and don't forget to write because you enjoy it!

Thank you from your loyal reader And lowly fan,

8/30/2016 c1 Inherifan1
Pleeeese update this! I read this along time ago (the older version )and loved it. It would break my heart if you didn't continue. It's just that good.

Anyway even if this isn't the most view fanfiction on this site, that doesn't mean we don't like it's. On the contrary, I bet the majority LOVES it but are one: under the impression that it's too late and you won't continue. Two: didn't read the AN ( authors note ) saying it depended on us reviewing, therefore not knowing they needed to review. Three: they were too lazy to review and thought this is an awesome story and everyone else would be piling review upon review on you.

But all that is beside the point. A writer should be writing because they want to, not because a lot of people are liking it. Their opinion is overrated! Sure it's comforting to know people are enjoying it but the only opinion that matters is yours.

So, to finalize this hugmogous
8/29/2016 c2 SlightlyDerangedVermillion
I read this story when you first published it, and loved it. This new story, I like just as much! I actually think that the changes you made made the story more interesting. Great job!
8/29/2016 c2 Guest
No judgement on lotro, but WoW is better(kidding) tbh I'd read this story months ago, and was interested. Then I'd assumed it had been abandoned and I was sad. So I'm just gonna beg for plot resolution I.e. Why they were willing to ship him off if you do decide to end it. Ty 3 and it is an interesting idea
8/29/2016 c2 Melli
I've liked this story from the moment that I read it the first time. I really like the idea of the story, but this version is much better written. Keep it up!
8/29/2016 c2 rasmusemees
Holy crap this is so cool! I didnt think much after the first chapter but the second really rocks! Hope you will be updating soon!
I kinda thought that Eragon would be teaching gym beind supernaturally strong and all that. But whay does Saphira teach then? Please tell me it's Gym. Update soon!
8/29/2016 c1 3Ultoris
I have to say, you've peaked my interest. This is different than what I am use to seeing from Inheritance stories. I'll be following to seeing what happens next.
8/29/2016 c2 Mad hatter
Your writing skills have greatly improved and I like the modifications you've done to the original chapter. As always you leave me hanging wanting more and I hope the turnaround time for the next chapter is a little quicker. Good luck with your classes and keep up the good work!
8/29/2016 c2 Tyler
How long has Eragon been on earth?
8/29/2016 c2 Angryshadow-Tyler
Ya updat although I think this is a lot like the original story but with minor tweaks
8/28/2016 c2 CyWolfy
Very interesting so far, Looking to see where this goes. A little bit unsure as to how long Eragon has been in earth though.
8/25/2016 c1 Guest
when are you gonna update this?
8/20/2016 c1 Guest
Yes more!
8/19/2016 c1 Guest
Please continue
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