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for GATE: Thus The Blood Gulchers Kicked Ass Here

6/9 c10 2FirstWinterLight
This story is amazing! The way the special region soldiers see the Blood Gulchers as gods was just amusing to me.

I hope you will update this story soon! I'm interessted to see what the Special Region thinks of them when the Crew finnally gets there.
5/5 c10 Nantono
Nice chapter!
4/9 c10 barrytrey0430
Really good. Hope it's only mostly dead.
4/5 c10 penguingamer1231
reached chapter 10. 100% would recommend, please continue this story if possible. this is the best writing I have seen in this site.
3/21 c10 Sleeping Adam
...so... love this story to bits. UPDATE! please? that is all
3/2 c10 18Churchisalive
Hello, I know it's been awhile and you are probably very busy, but will we ever see the Reds and Blues go into the special region? I can only imagine Rory being fascinated by the confusing being that is Church.
3/2 c10 Sanszilla2984
Good thing caboose is an idiot because if he known that the war was over he would be madder than church and instead of walking he’ll be charging like a raging bull right?
2/16 c10 Dunno
Please update this, I would really appreciate it if you could do so
1/21 c10 Guest
I hope this fic gets revived one day, it's just so beautifully well made.
12/26/2020 c10 6Hawkeyes100
Is this story dead now?
12/19/2020 c10 Guest
please keep writing more of this great story
12/19/2020 c10 Guest
please write more of this story
12/17/2020 c2 17Just an IsekaI writer
I'm adding you in my list, I'm SOOO desperate for fics that is grammatically correct and knowledge on some level.

comedy plus gore is what I need right now
12/11/2020 c10 Vigriff
I am absolutely loving this story, hope to see it continue.
12/5/2020 c10 Naltorie
Such a lot of violence and gore. Excellent job!
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