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for Rebirth of the Founders

3/15 c12 nintschibintschi
Get well soon and I love your story you are really talented thank you nintschi
3/14 c6 nintschibintschi
Incredible story I love it
2/18 c9 sexy Seren
update it soon
2/14 c1 Guest
I cringed hard, cant even force myself to press next. It's awful, and the MC is a fucking edgelord.
1/25 c12 Charley
I have enjoyed this so far. I love reading completed stories but if authors will keep updating I will keep reading on those unfinished stories. So I guess for me anything. Just please keep writing!
1/25 c12 1MarkiexD
Love this story and sporadic updates suit me fine personally but do what feels best to you! Personal health and wellbeing comes first <3
1/21 c12 Pandabear199669
more please i love this and sporadic updates
1/16 c1 Nia
Hey, I hope you're doing alright! Coming back to read this always makes me smile, thank you for sharing your ideas :) Have a good start into the new year!
Sincerely yours~
1/16 c12 Alex
I personally would opt for the sporadic updates. But the most important thing here is your health so if you want it’s fine to go either way or neither if that’s best.
1/15 c12 joelyn
Please update great story
1/5 c12 moodyboy66
I love this story i hope you come back to finish this
11/8/2023 c8 3harashien
Could I ask why make Minerva evil? Moody I can see from paranoia and the others as stooges, but Minerva?
11/7/2023 c3 frisbeeg70
"We can't Awaken Helga or Godric yet," he hated it but knew it was true. "I need to see how Hermione reacts to my changes and I wouldn't dare with Godric when there are Dementors around the school. He'd declare war on the Ministry as soon as he saw them."

Huh? Why not? If Godric/Neville is the seasoned warrior then he wouldn't have survived and won without being smart about when and how to pick his fight. This came across as you having Harry and Luna decide for Godric as if he were too stupid to know if he was ready and able to fight the Ministry yet. He might be hot-headed but he wouldn't have been a famous and successful warrior if he was so impulsive that he would be that stupid. If he was impulsive but did have the power to fight the Ministry and win then why should they care if the dementors would set him off?
10/30/2023 c12 12nexusplayer
10/6/2023 c12 TheWhitlockGirl
Looking forward to reading more!
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