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3/9/2017 c48 15THENINJAOFCOOL
Hahaha. A beautiful sight of Lilly being dragged into hell. Will listen to the music later
2/22/2017 c47 THENINJAOFCOOL
Nice to see the Warriors have gone public. will listen to the music later
Nice way to end the story
1/21/2017 c45 THENINJAOFCOOL
Oh no. it seems two major characters in both our stories appear dead
Pretty interesting chapter. love the music
12/21/2016 c42 THENINJAOFCOOL
so, William's uncle is dead? No! at least they dealt with Scarlett
loved the music.
12/12/2016 c40 THENINJAOFCOOL
violet has formed her a posse. cool. will listen to the music later
11/24/2016 c39 THENINJAOFCOOL
they had twins. dang, meiosis must be at full power. BTW, the final part of the Lyoko la kill epilogue and the first chapter of my new fanfic will be available on Sunday or Saturday.
11/11/2016 c37 THENINJAOFCOOL
crap this is getting out of hand really quick
10/23/2016 c35 THENINJAOFCOOL
so, Henry's dead. well that sucks
10/19/2016 c34 THENINJAOFCOOL
so, Lily is trying to be a kind of evil dictator. fits her. but it won't last for long, like at the end of Code Double Date Kombat with XANA.
10/7/2016 c33 THENINJAOFCOOL
so we have a new addition to the group. Love the music
9/27/2016 c32 THENINJAOFCOOL
so grace has finally arrived. will listen to the music later
9/18/2016 c31 THENINJAOFCOOL
Diana shouldn't be so hard on herself. I mean, she was tricked by Lily. Haven't gotten to the music yet.
Oh now Herb is captured? Man, some people need to start fighting back
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