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for RWBY - The Pen and the Sword

16h c1 DrTheo
Godness this is thrilling as fuck my heart man me gonna die of heart attack
1/24 c100 Stiason
it wasn't until the ending that I went back and listened to Dark Matter by Les Friction and realized most of this story fits the lyrics so well. even some of the first lines show how he arrived on Remnant. I don't know if you planned that from the beginning, but good on you mate.
1/11 c49 2welcometodalolz
Oh god no
1/7 c40 welcometodalolz
Holy fucking shit man, this story is ine of the few things I've found that makes me feel bro, it's a God damn masterpiece
1/6 c100 EvilWater
Damn, what a ride! One of the best fics I've ever read.
Thank you for the beautiful and awesome-as-heck journey!
1/4 c100 Idknows
People flooding the reviews with positive feedback for that ending, and I want to add onto it.

This story is honestly one of the best I've ever read, for sure the best I'll ever read in the RWBY fanfiction archive. Most stories usually have a happy ending for the main character, and have the character be of clearly good intentions even when working from the dark. This story, however, adds philosophicsl elements that make us question Aldric's actions. What I like the most is that, even when Aldric was commiting obviously heinous acts of death, I didn't change my opinion on his character, a person with good intentions making bad decisions for the greater good. This story covered multiple ideas, from Isekai, to time travel, and two worlds clashing! I never expected that last one! Thank you for writing this story and allowing me, and other readers, to enjoy it. Have a good day!
12/23/2021 c99 M2R
to be honest, I just wish a massacre happened for a pure insanity of my own. but that won't happen with how Aldric came to be.

truly, this fic makes me conflicted a lot.
12/20/2021 c100 1Chainthatbinds
12/18/2021 c100 DEF
Thanks for the chapter.
12/20/2021 c99 Chainthatbinds
yay for fallout
12/20/2021 c99 Chainthatbinds
yay for fallout
12/19/2021 c1 Buildingcross
This prolog is already better than 95% the begginings of most stories that i read and you just made lines ben afleck said as batman even better. How?!
12/16/2021 c100 Scoolio
And it’s done... fuck... ya know, this fic really helped me through dark times in my life. Hell its one of the many reasons why I kept reading fanfiction. Here lies Nebo Aldric. The man who saved my life, and kept me going. Cheers!
12/17/2021 c100 15weasel AKA boundedsumo
officially best fic ever
12/17/2021 c100 2Harmless Orange
Right after Aldric killed Cinder, I actually put on Home covered by Caleb Hyles. I felt like I should read the ending while listening to, by your words, Aldric’s epilogue theme.

This created one of the saddest moments I’ve felt in my life. I don’t want to spoil anything because I know there are some people who read the reviews before they read the story, and I know they’ll read this review. So for those that didn’t read the story yet [*SPOILER ALERT*]

I find it poetic how Aldric wasn’t defeated by any of the “heavy hitters”, but rather by the common men who banded together to defeat them. All thanks to Torchwick. But I think he only won because Aldric allowed him to. If he had any desire to live, any other goal, I’m pretty sure he would’ve found a way to escape with Ruby. But after killing Ozma and Cinder, there was no point for him to continue. He was done, and he wanted to rest.

Also, I got reminded of one particular line Aldric once said. When he was at his best and most famous.

“All I am surrounded by is fear, and dead men.”

Dead men: Cinder and Ozma

Fear: The whole Remnant Atlas Military

I have no idea if that is just me grasping at straws, or an intentional stroke of genius. The only thing that doesn’t fit into this line was Ruby, but she had an important role to play in the epilogue. Which she played perfectly.

In any case, bravo! Before the epilogues the story was a solid 8/10 but with an unsatisfactory ending. Now however it’s a perfect 10! It’s honestly THE best story I’ve ever read, and if I knew anything about Naruto I would’ve read The Child of the Sannin as well.

Actually, I must ask you. How did you plan out such a beautiful ending? I’m currently finishing my own story, but I struggle to actually give my own readers a satisfactory ending?

Can I ask you to spare some of your time for some tips and help?

P.S: I called it out. Aldric dies at the end.

P.P.S: If you’re still considering doing something with this series. Either a short side-story, or continuing to write the epilogues (please don’t, this one is as good as it gets), you can always write the Earth’s reaction to Aldric’s tale. Especially his mother’s reaction.

But I guess that’s up to our own imagination. The take it or leave it is finished.
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