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for Demigod Uchiha

2/5 c52 RageSage
Such a cool story, can't wait to read the next chapter!
1/29 c52 1lilyemma
Great! I love it! Awesome chapter! When are we going to see Percy! I want to see Percy!
1/27 c52 2Shunshin no Keiji
Nice job and first chapter published of the new year! Yay!
1/26 c52 Dunkan Temor
Oh my god it's Hashirama. Who else would have random bouts of depression.
1/12 c51 Riptide33
Please update soon love the story! When Percy goes to the romans will he have a Russian accent or not?
12/23/2020 c17 Guest
Cool story but I worry for percy
12/24/2020 c3 9thunderofdeath97
you really havent changed much aside from making percy and sally members of the uchiha and giving them the sharingan
12/24/2020 c1 thunderofdeath97
if he has the sharingan, does he even had dyslexia anymore?
12/19/2020 c16 dragon slayer of death 98
great idea percy, let loose pirates on an island of women for them to rape torture and kill on purpose, fucking disgusting piece of shit
12/19/2020 c4 dragon slayer of death 98
what happened to the trident he used against madara, has he forgot about it, i love spear/staff weapons. I hope he gets it made, maybe as a gift from poseidon with the power to generate water.
12/19/2020 c3 dragon slayer of death 98
i'm gonna guess percy can use boil and ice release along side water release since he is a demigod chakra user and maybe blood release
12/17/2020 c51 batmanuchiha
hmm shepard of fire is cool i like it
12/16/2020 c51 Sheploo
I brame you Obito, for mess with a dragon...
12/10/2020 c1 Lucifer666
Please Update!
12/12/2020 c32 2blood enraged
yeah im done, most of the fic was good, but last few chapters ive read turned into a silly mess of multicrossovers, should have stuck with just the naruto stuff in my opinion
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