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for The Six Swans: A tale of courage, sacrifice, and love

2/23/2017 c18 Guest
The Six Swans was fantastic! I read it all the way. You were asking which story you should write. I honestly love Allerlairah and Goose Girl both and would read both if you did them.
12/25/2016 c19 insidejokepartyof1
I really loved this story. I didn't read all of the authors notes, but i am betting that John was Johanna's character. I thought snows death by nettles was very fitting, though i wonder what happened to his witch mother? I feel like coin got off easy deciding her own fate.
8/23/2016 c19 LACR
I left my review for chapter 19 on chapter 1. I read the chapter on my phone earlier then when I came home reviewed. Sorry for the mix up but thanks again for the story.
8/23/2016 c1 LACR
Great ending to this story, glad they all saved Annie before the fire got her. I'm also glad they reunited with their Mother. It was smart of Peeta to have Annie tell her story in front of the kingdom. Thanks for sharing this story with us.
8/23/2016 c19 Spring04
Great ending! Are you going to write another story?
8/22/2016 c18 5BrookeElyse21
I absolutely love this story. It's bittersweet to see this story end, but I cannot wait to read the last chapter. You are defiantly a great author and I'm excited to read more of your work.
8/20/2016 c18 LACR
I hope someone gets to Annie before the fire gets her and the shirts. I was thinking it would be wonderful if her brothers rescued her and changed. I was also thinking that that her brothers changing might make the rumors of Annie being a witch make the kingdom believe it. I also can't wait for Katniss to come in with the baby and reveal Coin's deal. Can't wait to read the next chapter.
8/18/2016 c18 Guest
Great! Please keep going,so intense!
8/15/2016 c16 LACR
I was wondering when Snow would show up. I was actually thinking he was going to go to the wedding. Poor Annie, frantically trying to finish the last shirt but now everyone knows what she is doing. I am guessing she is leaving for the beach. I know Finnick will find her if she goes there. I don't know where she would go if she didn't go there, maybe her old house. I would think Snow would be on the look out for her no matter where she runs to.
8/13/2016 c15 Guest
chapter 15

Good chapter i liked it. Annie's and Finnick's silent communication was
a beautiful. I definetly want to see Bearskin Kit story mixed with Cinderella.
8/14/2016 c15 LACR
I'm kind of surprised that Peeta and Katniss didn't figure out that Annie is hurting herself for her brothers. I hope she finishes the shirts soon because I think Finnick will keep a close eye on her. I also think that there will be additional problems once the Queen finds out about the baby.
8/8/2016 c14 LACR
Such a sweet wedding, poor Annie didn't have any family at her wedding. I'm glad all her friends were there for her. I hope she finishes this shirt soon.
8/6/2016 c13 Guest
Amazing story! Can't wait to see the wedding day and the wedding night!
8/7/2016 c13 LACR
It's going to be hard for Annie to finish the last shirt in the palace with all eyes on her and she has to hide it from Finnick. Can't wait to read what happens next.
8/6/2016 c12 36tentsubasa
Actually, if you look at most of the fairy tales that the Disney movies are based on, they generally either have a lot of time together (e.g. "The Little Mermaid," "Beauty and the Beast," "The Snow Queen," and "Robin Hood") or at least more time together than portrayed (e.g. "Tangled" and "Cinderella"). Sometimes there is zero romance in the original and they just invented some (e.g. "Pocahontas"). The time together leading up to engagement is super short because they're movies and doesn't really have anything to do with it being the 21st century. The only fairy tales that are meet and get engaged are "Snow White" and "Sleeping Beauty."

Regardless, I didn't mean to imply that I thought they weren't headed in that direction, I just figured it'd be like...a month or something. :)
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