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5/28/2021 c1 Eren69
The fuck did I just read? I don't know what drugs you took making this in 2016 but I'm glad this is only a oneshot. It's weird, in a piss-poor way :/
8/10/2016 c1 1Flam is Mei
7/2/2016 c1 Guest
Hahaha nice work author-san. I really like the randomness of this story. Made me laugh at the end.

So Yukino x Yui is confirmed.
The guy in this story is Yamamoto.
Yamamoto got a hug grom Hiratsuka-sensei

From those three points, the only thing I find weird is the Yamamoto x Hiratsuka moment. I'm a big fan of 8man x sensei, so seing Hiratsuke being intimate with another student, let alone Yamomoto was kinda gross for me lol. Still,your story is really randomly good
7/2/2016 c1 Omega11
Wrote by M. Night. Shyamalan, lel... okay that aside, i'm confused but at the same time i kinda like this, it was totally unexpected and "random", but on the other hand seen people trying to write from other views or POV's is always nice (even from OC, minor characters or something else).
7/2/2016 c1 Guest
Who exactly yamato liked? Yukino or yui?
7/1/2016 c1 Guest
... EH?
No, okay, I know: you're drunk-writing.
7/1/2016 c1 Hot Yamato
Yuri YuiYuki and Yamato as the MC... ROFL. The fuck was that lmao.
7/1/2016 c1 Kagemusha-Z
Yamato's POV? Yuri?

P.S. How could Haruno let it happened?
7/1/2016 c1 Guest
Lmfao what a plot twist.

So where is 8man?
7/2/2016 c1 5RalphZiggy
Good job! Ah, the big quiet Atlas-like guy in Hayama's clique, had a thing for Yui did he? We can surmise that Hachiman too might have decided which girl he liked, only too have the yuru-yuri also crush his soul right before graduation, though maybe he'll be their close friend and get The Genuine that way. Now excuse me while I NOT go think about Yukino and Yui making out...and what are those red dots on my keyboard...
7/2/2016 c1 Alex991
Um strange really strange. Yukino x Yui was weird I actually laughed since you don't see it much(from what I've seen). But then it turns out to be yamato now that was just confusing , then again it was pretty original I guess. Also wonder were Hachiman is at in all this.
All in all strange but not bad one bit.
7/2/2016 c1 3IceHole
What the...?
7/1/2016 c1 12diceWW
I guess the lesson here is that you shouldn't always cling to your ideals or you could be attacked by a totally random fic... eh? eh?

Anyway, I stick with my statement. This fic is pretty random.

One, Yukino confessing to Yui is unbelievable. However, I do not disregard the possibility of yuri relationship between them. The thing is, it think that it would be Yui who'd be doing the confessing part.

Two, as with any other oregairu fics, the expected narrator would be Hachiman. It's reasonable. He is the narrator for original novel afterall. I am impressed. The name of the narrator was not mentioned up until the very of this fic. And I tell you, all the while I was reading it, I was thinking 'WTF!?' (it started during the Yui-Yukino confession).

Three, where is Hachiman? Seriously, where is he?
7/1/2016 c1 Socia
I'm trying to figure out what is happening, so if I get one thing wrong, feel free to correct me. Yukino is asking out Yuigahama. Yamato looks at the scene and hates the fact that Yukino or Yui is taken. This could make sense if Hachiman was the person, but the fact that it's a random person from the clique. made it confusing and funny at the same time. At the same time, I'm rooting for HiratsukaXYamato.
7/1/2016 c1 4ImaNukeYourFace
Whaaaaat the fuuuuuuuck
So at first, I assumed the narrator was 8man, because that's usually who the narrator is. But then, I got to the "black bangs" part, which made me think of Yukinoshita. Then I got to the part where the narrator watches Yuigahama get confessed to, and I was like "so the yuri is denied...?" But then I saw the conversation between Yui and Yukino at the end, and I was like "whaaaat? The yuri is REAL?" And just as I was thinking how pathetic the narrator, who by process of elimination I assumed to be 8man, was for crying his eyes out after being beaten by bloody Yukinoshita for Yui's love, then the narrator turned out to be some completely random guy named Yamato and it's like "wait, but where the hell is 8man? And who the hell is this guy?"
I would really like an explanation.
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