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1/23 c8 Guest
cute! thank you
1/23 c7 Guest
Kakashi "enjoyed thinking they would one day grow up to be like their parents," and with that I thought about a life of bitterness for Sarada LOL
1/23 c4 Guest
hahaha love that chapter's end!

a few notes though:
on spelling - comradery should be camaraderie; work is wore; wear, where.
on missing words - (I've noticed similar errors before this chapter, but I forgot to note)
*Standing staring out of the large window that looked down upon Iwagakure was a dark-haired kunoichi with _.
*"Likewise," Karin gave her a small _, but did not say more.

really, really grateful that this is turning out to be the best blank period fic I've read so far.
1/23 c3 Guest
I love this chapter more than the previous 2. I love that the women's bond is deepening and strengthening. it gives justice to Karin's willingness to deliver the baby, to any mention in the manga that they have developed a friendship. and then there's also action! and preggy woman thoughts
1/22 c2 Guest
I'm loving it!

at first I thought you were starting on a mostly Sakura POV here, but switching between the 2 works fine. I'm really happy that there will be/is a longer story here which isn't only about delivering Sarada.
5/13/2021 c8 Guest
Omg this was so amazing I can’t even explain how lovely this fic is. It was so heartfelt and the characterization is so spot on. Thank you for writing this I very much loved it and enjoyed reading it!
4/4/2021 c7 Ashly21
Me gusta pero quisiera que siguieras escribiendo
11/10/2020 c8 stannaeisenberg7
I cried reading this as if I watching the blank period Naruto bura written version of it. I really like how you have put all the characters together and I specifically feel that you have given a good ount of attention to Karin. Afterall, she deserves that.
11/2/2020 c8 Biscuitree
This was such a heartwarming and precious story! Thank you for this! I really like fics like this that explore the bond between Karin and Sakura since they're usually written as enemies in other stories.
6/3/2020 c1 uchiha sasusaku7
this was so beautiful. the best fanfiction i’ve ever read. brought me to tears
5/12/2020 c8 18IAmJustAFicReader
My god this was too cute
5/12/2020 c1 IAmJustAFicReader
I never thought about Sakura finding out she’s pregnant WITHOUT Sasuke. Whoa
2/27/2019 c8 7thereceiv3r
Such an emotional and educational journey! A rare piece of treasure since most fics bash on Karin though she's really not that bad and I'm glad you decided to portray her change in your story.
Now Imma go read your other stories! C:
1/25/2019 c8 HappyGuest
It's really nice to see a story where Karin is respected and a friend to the Uchiah family.
Excellent story!
9/26/2018 c8 13Tropicallight
Wow! I love your story!
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