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7/30/2020 c8 bumblebeetuna958
10/17/2018 c1 robowolfthewriter
this all for you, what you think of my OC'S, love?
3/10/2017 c7 4nickyreader1
I know Gravity Falls. Dipper is the smart twin, Mabel is the Fun twin, StanLey was the sorta greedy great uncle twin, and StanFord was the sorta weird-ish smart great uncle twin with twelve fingers, six on each hand, and Bill Cipher (GRRRRR) is a dream demon who looks like a talking 2D pyramid with one eye and no mouth, and the only way you can tell he's talking is whenever he starts flashing with every word he said. Bill also have a cane and a top hat, and he is yellow too, but turns red when he's mad or being evil-ish.
1/31/2017 c6 nickyreader1
Poor Fear. LOL!
9/15/2016 c16 ThePancakeGod
I JUST found out about this story and I'm pretty freaking mad! Why did it need to end, bro?! WHYYYYYYYYY?! (个_个)
8/23/2016 c16 ultimateshitpstr
This is over? This is so sad! (I was left Internet-less for some time.)
This was a great fanfic. It is the best Inside Out fanfic I've read!
All the chapters of this story were amazing.
Hope you keep writing FanFiction!
8/20/2016 c16 2SolarGoddess99
You're discontinuing the story? That's really sad. The story was fun to read, even if i couldn't read all the chapters. I can't believe it, this catspats31 guy just come out of nowhere and ruined it. What's his problem? I hope no one on this site have this problem again. Anyway , don't give up on your stories and future projects. Your stories are great and well written so don't let anyone make you think otherwise okay? And never let those kind of people get in your way, never.
Wish you luck with future stories and great job with the last chapter :)
8/17/2016 c16 Booklover5434
There's gotta be a loophole. Make another inside out story! Have it be Q&A but without the whole Dolores asking, make it like the truth or dare one! We gotta find a loophole!
PM me
8/17/2016 c16 Crystal Ball
NUUUUUUUUU! Why must the story be ended so soon! Curse you catspats! I loved this story so freaking much!
8/19/2016 c16 1Tripledent
Sorry to see this fic go. Also, I'm sorry for being a bit obsessed with The Matrix towards the end there, the name of the character played by Keanu Reeves is Thomas Anderson and Riley's last name is Andersen... I love connections like that (however weak they might be), I'm a bit of a geek like that. :)
8/18/2016 c16 31iHateFridays
What?! CATSPATS31! Why did he have to ruin everything?! Anyway, this was a really cute and adorable story. I'm still gonna write WyR cause I'm a thug and I can re-upload it if there is any troubles. Well done on writing and see you for more stories!

8/18/2016 c16 62Extreme Light 9
Thank you so much for writing this amazing fic. I enjoyed it a lot! :D
8/17/2016 c15 13StarNerve
And to catspats31, whether you're reading this or not, how about you give some proper advice and consider the writer's emotions before insulting them by trying to be a part of the game by asking these questions? When it comes to warning stories about this, there's no need for that type of criticism. Give the writer hope for goodness' sake! This is a story that only breached the rules of interactive writing. There's another way around this besides reuploading the story. If HollyAnne writes the next chapter without including the fans in her story, and the fact that she heeded your warning, will you stop attempting to have this story removed? And for the record, there are a lot of stories like this on other fandoms that needed your attention for YEARS and you and your associates still haven't reported them. Pay attention to those, give a stern warning, and don't downgrade the hopes of these fellow writers. Give them hope without insulting or criticizing them harshly. I know you give constructive criticism, but that is not exactly required here. I understand you explaining the disobedience of the rules but inserting these in a question? You're insulting the writer just doing that! So if I were you, please go straight to the point and offer suggestions that don't have to do with removing and reuploading the story, because you're ruining a writer's potential here. Let the next chapter be a new one with a moral lesson now learned, don't 'encourage' the writers to start from square one. At least understand this and I do not wish for any arguments here. I'm making my point, I agree with what you said, but I'm also defending a well-written story from a fellow friend and writer.

Man, if only there were a group of writers or a community of writers whose job is to defend other writers from being bullied or writers who need advice on improving their work without being judged harshly or insulted.

You're a good writer, Holly, and a lot of writers appreciate you for what you do. Don't let this bring you down. And as a fan, I support many of your works. :)
8/17/2016 c16 StarNerve
Oi, Holly, before you even think of discontinuing, read me out: I've BEEN where you were. I've received the EXACT SAME REVIEW from the EXACT SAME PERSON. And yes, I was on the VERGE of deleting and discontinuing my story. I'm talking about the TRUTH OR DARE fic, the one that STARTED it all. And guess what? I'm still writing it BECAUSE I changed my plan. Instead of the fans asking the Emotions, you should've made the Emotions ask the questions themselves and give the fans credit in the AN which was what you did so that's good. I'm doing it for my Truth or Dare fic, and ponystoriesandothers is doing it for the Would You Rather fic because she took my advice.

Take this from an amateur author with the same experience. You're not the only one. And there's no use reporting or bashing that user because that user is right. It was an unwitting mistake. One of the rules was broken, and the unfair thing is that there are other stories that do the exact same thing and aren't in trouble for doing it. So if you love this story too much to end it so early, then find another route. This doesn't have to be the last chapter. If you're caught, don't give up. They won't take it down unless you continue to write this the same way without heeding their warning. A lot of people look up to your story like they did with my ToD- and I still have a long way to go! But if your decision is to end this right away hands down, then I have nothing against it. It's your story and everyone should respect your decision. But if you want my advice, continue on, change your way of writing this, and don't let anyone stop you. When it comes to these situations, there's always another way around. Remember that. :)

Have a good day and feel free to let this all sink in. If you want to read more of my situation, then visit my ToD fic and read the author's note to see my previous problems. The only problem I have now is trying to answer everyone's truths and dares.
8/17/2016 c16 5Orangebird124
HollyAnne1084, I'm very proud of you for doing the right thing. Even though you did a successful job on this story, I just want to say that thank you so much for doing the questions, dares and role-plays. They were a lot of fun. Also, I'd like to wish you the best of luck with "Life After Death" and a collab with someone. I'm sure that it'll be a success!

Remember, you're a fantastic rule follower and if you ever have to worry about those bad users, just PM me and I'll try my hardest to report them and help you get through. Don't let those mean bullies let you down and ignore them! T.T.F.N.: Ta-ta for now!
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