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6/1 c1 Freddielebron
The only thing I have against this is that you make the girls scream a lot. Moaning and various forms of sexual activities don’t result in screaming unless they are cumming. You made them scream when he grabbed their asses. Like unless they are following that scream with a slap to the face and running away, no girl is screaming from getting their ass grabbed. Also you said some weird shit that says “and she started to buck into Ichigo. Ummm get that gay shit out of here . Bounce on Ichigo should be what you say .
4/13 c27 1Beteljosh
*Holy music has stopped*
2/26 c9 Guest
Yes you do.
2/26 c8 Guest
Really? I prefer Orihime.
2/10 c20 Darkmaster10000000
*cowering in a corner* Angry Orihime scary, angry Orihime scary, angry Orihime scary, angry Orihime
scary, angry Orihime scary, angry Orihime scary, angry Orihime scary.
2/9 c19 Darkmaster10000000
Umm, you do realize that, in her other form, Nel's lower half is that of a sheep or goat, right?
1/18 c27 SeanHicks4
Interesting...that last line was hilarious...
1/12 c27 Imperial warlord
Awesome chapter.
1/11 c27 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
Lmao funny, had a hard time breathing
1/11 c27 spanky1988.awj
Can't wait for chapter 28!
1/1 c26 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Good chapter! The omake had me laughing like crazy!
1/1 c26 spanky1988.ajw
Can't wait for chapter 27!
1/1 c26 1Bloody Rogue dragon deity king
yeowza, awesome
9/24/2019 c25 Leviathan Hunter
So Ichigo penetrated through her (seitnap), or did he pull them to the side?
6/20/2019 c25 3Ichigo Oga
I feel really bad for Masamune.
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