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2/1 c9 3Ikasuki
such sadness that this story came to a stop and that the 9th chapter isn't even a real chapter but a note...
8/1/2020 c9 2miguelgiuliano.co
It was an interesting story, I hope you make another one like this, although this time I would say it was this way:
first that Garen was born as Aryn, the oldest son of Jon and Lysa, but would have the physical characteristics of his sister Lux; even Lux could also be in your story. Obviously here you would take advantage of Garen learning the importance of being a Lord, I think he would be under the teachings and care of Yohn-Royce.
second would be that the North is a mixture of what they show us but with the elements of the three ruling sides of the Freljord, to increase the magic in the world of ASOIAF.
Third point would be that Noxus would be the nation that would be born under the 'command' of Daenerys where she was guided by the Trifarys.
5/25/2020 c3 Guest
So far so good! Hoping it’s only the mc that’s from LoL because this has been great
4/18/2020 c9 LordTroy
Would you consider doing a rewrite with Garen as a Stark?
5/10/2019 c9 Harvey Custodio
Shame... (I would put a Sad Face here but never mind)
12/30/2018 c9 Guest
Ugh shame
11/26/2017 c9 Guest
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I loved this... but I agree with you
11/19/2017 c9 zachary2
Oh, ok. Well, it was good while it lasted, good luck with further planning of other stories :/
Have a good Christmas & rest of the year.
11/14/2017 c9 Cradx4
Sad man frog
Can't garn evolve in character
Especially with a life and death experience?
11/14/2017 c9 MadCapThrothren
Thank you for the update for one of my more favorite game of throne crossover stories. While sad, I understand the logic behind it. Is it just this story that you will be discontinuing or will it be your other one as well?
11/14/2017 c9 Lenov0
why not put Darius instead of Garen he has the ambition and the know how he is a noxian general after all
11/14/2017 c9 2BBBVVCCBBB
But you will try to put a new fic into place, yes? I do not want to be left hanging.
11/14/2017 c9 DullReign82
I understand where you're coming from but I hope to see more of your work in the future.
11/13/2017 c9 Slaggedfire
Darn shame, but I am sure you will bounce back with a different character with more ambition. Thanks for the entertainment.
11/13/2017 c9 3Gir240
At least you gave a clear understandable reason for ending it unlike most authors.
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