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for Forgive Me

9/20/2020 c3 Ann
Oh my god, this is amazing!
It's such a same you didn't continue the story!
7/23/2019 c3 2Lucyole
It is a very interesting and good Story with a changed Frollo but Esmeralda is still wary if him very good more please that would be great *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
6/24/2019 c3 5Moxie98
Will you continue with this story? I really hope that you'll do so because I've really enjoyed it so far and I'd love to know how the relationship between Esmeralda and Frollo is going to evolve. :)
11/20/2018 c1 VSouthA
After so many years since I watched the Disney version, I finally read the original book. I couldn't resist to imagine how could be if Esmeralda had accept the Frollo's plan, before her execution. To me, he was too more complex and interesting than Frollo from Disney, and since then, I'm thursty for more fanfics about them. Unfortunaly, there is not much options left in this site, so I beg you: PLEASE, CONTINUE!
10/20/2018 c3 megumisakura
Beautiful chapter , please update soon.
10/20/2018 c2 megumisakura
Totally loved this chapter!
10/20/2018 c1 megumisakura
8/28/2018 c3 sundancemc
I loved your take on these characters, especially the fact that Frollo gets to deal with and understand his feelings more clearly. This puts them on a more even ground and gives them the opportunity to see how they've changed with time.
5/7/2018 c3 4ValidityForDissonance
Your writing has such a tranquilizing and engaging effect; it’s very easy to become absorbed in the story — which I loved very much. I know it’s futile to expect you to continue it, but I do hope you do.
2/18/2018 c3 14WildatHeart7
Please, continue! I really love how true you stayed to these characters.
9/18/2017 c3 Guest
Please continue! This is great!
7/17/2017 c3 maka.reff
Please continue. I adore reading your fan fiction. Amazing!
6/9/2017 c3 Guest
Great story! Love how in character these two are. Hope you think about updating sometime in the future :)
4/1/2017 c3 12Doc M
Glad to see Claude has pulled himself together, but I can't see any good coming of him pairing up with Esméralda. It would have turned into 'The Blue Angel'.
1/3/2017 c3 Ash-kr
This is so good, please update it, or tell us if you've abandoned it:)
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