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for A Year Too Soon

20h c63 Urgazhi
I have a feeling Sirius is going to catch Harry when he visits the Carrows and he will do something unkind as a result...

Harry doesn't need more examples of bad parental figures.
3/26 c63 2Yaw613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
3/25 c63 Brockster550
Wow, Snape considering Harry as a possible candidate to be a Slytherin prefect was something I didn’t see coming. But it’s also understanding that Snape would have trouble trying to decide which of the Carrow twins will be the female prefect. Hopefully Sirius doesn’t jump to conclusions when he sees Harry with Flora and Hestia. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
3/25 c63 Jose19
This story confused me still it started as a Percy Jackson take, and now he is transferred to Hogwarts.
3/25 c63 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
3/25 c63 5erbkaiser
Harry is going to need more furniture than he thinks. If he's smart, he'll let his future ladies help (decide)!

Good for Snivellus. Hope his wish doesn't backfire on him. And yeah... Who to pick from the girls? The year under Harry is easier, but in his own year neither of the Carrows are leaders.
3/24 c63 4RedOuroboros
Thanks for the chapter snape making HP prefect is amusing
3/24 c63 magitech
You know I always thought it might be smart to actually ASK the students if they wanted to become a Prefect. I certainly wouldn't want the badge, it comes with a lot of work and little reward as well as losing the trust of your friends. You ARE the teachers spy/informant/enforcer amongst them.

It would be really embarrassing if the person selected sent it back saying "No thanks" and since everyone knows it gets sent with the Hogwarts letter, the one who gets asked next knows they are second choice.
3/24 c63 17griffin blackwood
Poor Snape will get his position but filling the prefect role will be tricky
3/24 c63 2mwinter1
Awaiting more
3/24 c63 188Luiz4200
If Sirius ever learns about the Carrows, he'll likely assume they abducted Harry.
3/24 c63 Fuck Names
Feels like it's been ages since Potter Manor was put in construction.
3/24 c63 Wentley
Dang. I need a reread! Which isn’t that big of a burden really, I remember liking this a lot.
3/17 c34 4Verdauga
Sad, and I will always believe that such a potent magical creature having such an easily exploitable (and outright lethal) flaw is dumb. I don't hold that against you for going baseline, I'm just noting my thoughts on said baseline.
3/17 c32 Verdauga
He's competent, but fuck Dumble-dick-head.
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