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1/12 c44 16Wyrtha
Nice, shame they didn't get to do or see much but I'm sure there will be further adventures in the future. I'm a little disappoined in Harry's plans for his new house. I was hoping he would have a little more detail in my mind in of maybe a higher fancey. Although my favorite type of house is an 2/3 story old english country style home made from brick or natural stone, the later was something I thought could be fun to play around with add in some magical properties or stone. I hope it will have some magical features although I'm sure an old architect will present ideas to expand on things Harry hasn't thought about that will give a young wizard still fairly new to magic some wonder and fanciful ideas of what can be done
1/10 c1 Dasgun
1/5 c44 71Pixel and Stephanie Forever
Yes, the charts are more or less correct - although its the custom to list the left runway first as you have in your note. Plus, as an aside, its Charing Cross - not Charrington Cross.

Another good chapter, and I can hardly wait to see the next one
1/2 c44 Martin-di-Arcov
good chapter!
12/30/2020 c44 Guest
Just caught up again. Last few chapters have been good. Hope Harry’s house turns out well.
12/30/2020 c44 Ep
Merci pour la lecture
12/30/2020 c44 1TheGreatBubbaJ
It is always interesting to me how painless you manage to make things. No agonizing or severe interruptions.
12/29/2020 c44 1Majerus
Majerus, the Triwizard Tournament won't be there for yet another year.
*facepalms as I look at the story title*

Most of the following corrections can be resolved by adding Grammarly to your browser and/or downloading the app.
This software is free and corrects a huge number of issues for me. For instance, it detected four mistakes that I made in this review! It's not perfect, but it should help you get the hang of the patterns of your most common problems and allow you to avoid them as you move forward.

After all, he could just travel there as these people directly.
travel there and ask these people

In the end, they had decided to meet in 'Leaky Cauldron'
meet at the Leaky Cauldron
- as a place of business, it doesn't need the name in quotes. This applies to every business name

The green-eyed wizard said. "I hope you're doing well this fine morning." The older woman gave him a nod before replying:

"Greetings, Heir Potter." She said. "And thank you,
Quite a few issues here.
"I hope you're doing well this fine morning?" is a question.
it is also the end of Harry's paragraph, so move
The older woman gave him a nod before replying:
to the next paragraph, remove the ':' and continue as a single stream of conversation, like this:
The older woman gave him a nod before replying, "Greetings, Heir Potter, and thank you, we are doing well. I hope you are doing well yourself?"
Remove 'too', since she is addressing him, and finish with a question mark, as she is asking Harry how he is doing.

"Are you looking forward to shopping for Hogwarts, Astoria?" He asked then. The young witch nodded eagerly.
Remove 'He asked then.', that he asked a question is clear by the use of the question mark and does not need to be stated.
Once again, move 'The young witch...' to the next line, as Harry's paragraph is done, this is Astoria's response so it begins Astoria's paragraph, like this:
"Are you looking forward to shopping for Hogwarts, Astoria?"

The young witch nodded eagerly. "Of course!" Before she could say anything else...
I won't continue to point out this recurring issue but I strongly urge you to move action/speaker descriptors off of previous speakers and onto the beginning of their appropriate speaker paragraphs.

he exchanged some of his Galleons for Pound

so that he and the girls could actually buys something on their 'excursion'
-excursion is a normal English word that you are not trying to imply anything other than its' normal meaning so it does not need quotation marks.
Here are a few rules for using quotations:
With direct quotes - Mrs. Greengrass asked, "Is everyone ready to go?"
With titles of certain works - Harry bought a copy of "Moste Potent Potions."
To imply alternate meanings - Harry asked his girlfriends if they were "ready" and they smiled happily in response.
And to write words as words. - The new DADA professor was an actual "professional", he was an active duty Auror.
I hope that helps.

The said books were behaving
The said manager
You can remove either "the" or, "said". Using both words is unnecessary to communicate what/who you are referring to.
The books were behaving...
Said manager also looked...
I'd recommend not using "said xyz" more than once per few paragraphs as it is not commonly used by the average reader.

leading onto the Charrington Cross street.
leading onto Charing Cross Road
-no 'the'

"When they first appeared in the nineteenth century, cars actually looked like carriages and were even called 'horseless carriages' at first. It wasn't until later that people began calling them 'automobiles' or 'cars' instead.
This was the perfect use of quotes around words.
I won't bother with single quotes vs doubles, there are too many opinions and it doesn't really matter! :D

There are a few shows not too far away

"I have exchanged some gold into Pound,

"Did you, guys, have fun?" The said witch asked them.
remove the commas, 'said', and 'them' - them is not necessary as it is implicit in the question that she is speaking to the group unless you specify who she is addressing by including a name.
"Did you guys have fun?" The witch asked.

Then, he'll Obliviate this dealing from the man's mind in order to preserve the myth that Peter Pettigrew had died to Sirius Black's wand twelve years ago.
I'm not following what you are trying to convey with this sentence. Is Peter going to remove the false idea of his death at Blacks' wand or implant that memory?

This was a solid chapter all in all. It has some fairly straightforward developments and they continue to lay foundations for the future story quite nicely.
12/26/2020 c44 Guest
Looking forward to your next chapter.
12/28/2020 c15 GODKINGASH
This shit is sooo corny
12/28/2020 c1 GODKINGASH
12/27/2020 c44 5jamnaz79
Thank you for the update.
12/27/2020 c44 DrakeGrimmhound
Thanks for the chapter and your continued hard work :)
12/27/2020 c44 182Luiz4200
How long until Voldemort returns?
12/27/2020 c44 1kyuubi7
Aye! So happy to get another chapter of this, fantastic! Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Thanks again for the great chapter and story! 4
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