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5/27 c75 TuxedoMac
Okay so as a little behind but I'm okay with that because let me enjoy a couple chapters together. Now I got to say one of the things that some of these stories bring up is when you change certain aspects then later it's okay how was this stories change of that event and therefore affects the current part of the story and what will come. And what that I mean is that how you dealt with serious and now you know he still how can I help Harry but yet it's we won't necessarily get all the same Canon things happening because of how much is different in your version. I kind of like that because it keeps us the readers on our toes and it allows you the writer an interesting time of how you're going to play these things and you can change them up how you feel.
What I liked a lot about this chapter was the ending and I mean because we have the cliffhanger of Harry going into the first task but we have you've changed it you haven't really confirmed its dragons and then the way of selecting didn't show dragons and then they're not an arena you know where everybody can see it's hey he's in the forest. So will this it's going to be interesting to see how again you changed it and I'm looking forward to it because now there's a lot more where those plans that you had Harry making could come into effect because you have more of a cover type thing. Other than that I got to say it's still working out wonderfully the flow between the chapters the characters with each other it's just all working nicely I think you're doing a wonderful job still and I hope you keep it up and hopefully I won't be behind and we'll see you in the next chapter .

5/28 c33 Batmanwolf738
When will he get the invisibility cloak?
5/25 c75 erbkaiser
Hmm, some differences in the task to canon. Hope it turns out well for Harry, he has two girls to worry about him.
5/24 c75 61D.J. Scales
Wow that was different from the first task in canon. Shocking.
5/20 c75 30kazikamikaze24
Ugh. How dare you end the chapter at the most anticipated part! Great job but my irritating sense of hurt is making me impatient.
5/20 c44 qwertyuiop123214685
Wood. Why would you use wood for an ancestral manor. Stone is better in every way
5/19 c75 3Hudy Leak613
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot.
5/19 c75 6maartenvervloet
despite the stun he had just tried to pull

stun should be stunt
5/19 c75 BMS
A Cliffhanger! NOOOOO!...
Bad NHunter, Bad.

Kind of convenient how they found a way out only after it couldn't be used, don't you think Harry?

good update.
5/19 c75 4BROMBROS
Scored on how well one avoids hard? Don't you mean harm.

Other than that another great chapter.
5/19 c19 lukeanimelover
Lucky bastard got twins? Fucking hell…
5/18 c75 magitech
A nice twist on the first task which has been repeated to death.

Wonder how people would take it if Harry called the Tournament a gladiatorial blood sport for the crowds to get a cheap thrill out of while watching students risk their lives for them.
5/18 c14 lukeanimelover
I feel like your trying to make hermione perposely polite so that it balances any bashes you may do in the future….
5/18 c12 lukeanimelover
Wait what? The review response said this wasnt a evil voldemort..? Then whos the antaginist?
5/18 c75 Brockster550
I agree with Harry in that the tournament organizers should’ve researched all the rules before actually starting it. Harry would’ve been able to get out sooner if the organizers weren’t so incompetent. Good to see the twins providing him as much comfort as they could. I can’t wait to see how Harry gets past the dragon. Great chapter, keep up the hard work!
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