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10/11/2017 c1 shiftfiredragon
If you are still doing any of these, I got a few...

Top Spin: User is able to spin on one foot in any direction, without getting dizzy or injured from impact. Can inflict to others, without dizziness protection, with no upper limit on RPM Speed, although they will stop if they hit something hard enough, or just stop eventually.

Arthropod Control: A fearsome power used by the Warlord Skitter in the Web Serial, Worm, allows for control of ALL insects, worms, crabs, and the like, within a 2-3 city block radius.

The Chosen One: Weird, mystical things begin to happen, indicating the wielder is special. Is contantly given quests and finds random holy or legendary items. Power of the holy and legendary items vary, as well importance. As an example, he could fine Exaliclean, the toilet brush of the One True King. Constantly harrassed by old wise men in robes, and vapid, fairly stupid princesses.
10/9/2017 c16 Kerksagog
I am not sure if you're even doing these anymore but I have a quirk suggestion
Good luck charm - whenever the user is around others the user is exreamly lucky or unluky it depends on if the people around them are haveing a good day or not
9/23/2017 c2 AlphAOmegA151
Quirk recommendation! Only 1 this time though.
Deceive: When activated, this quirk will allow all others to see the user as the person or item they want to see most. (Everyone has a different perspective.) With concentration, others will see the user as what the user wants others to see them as. Can be deactivated involuntarily if the user is in pain. Can allow for some really hilarious moments or sad moments by having other people see something funny (I don't know what example I should put here) or heartbreaking (like, say, a dead relative or friend). Use carefully lest you attract attention.
9/24/2017 c16 4chimchar14
Wow I love this! The akashic view quirk was a dark chabge of pace but very well exected, I definitely enjoyed it. I adore all these scenes of Izuku trying to work with these many quirks, getting into many comedic, lewd, and/or huggable situations. If I may make a suggestion for a Quirk or two.
Angel: gaining a halo, wings, and possibly a big white gown to wear. I just imagine him looking adorable like that, and matching his sweet heart.
Demonic energy: including horns and tail, the quirk user possesses an eerie array of sinful techniques. May cause a more mischievous nature and desire to play many jokes.
I understand if they don't work, and won't hold it against you or anything. Can't wait for future chapters, but no need to feel rushed.
9/24/2017 c16 33Sunny Lighter
I supremely love this, I was laughing my head off just reading it. If you're still taking requests for quirk ideas, here are a few-

Flight, nothing special, just the ability to levitate and maybe give Izuku a break for once
Rainbow- The ability to turn people different colors depending on emotions
Hulk- I just wanna see Izuku as the Hulk. It has the potential to be really funny
9/24/2017 c15 Sunny Lighter
9/22/2017 c12 HotSoup2017
Shinigami ehe huh. That change from comedy to serious tho.
9/19/2017 c16 10ultima-owner
Quirk: Angry Flock. User can summon very angry birds that attack who and whatever is designated a target. Not safe to be used in places that have stuff you don't want broken.
9/17/2017 c5 randomperson
the last one was fucking hilarious
9/14/2017 c16 13Bentarb Jade Bronze
Quirk: Tear. If you've played Bioshock Infinite, you'll have no need for an explanation.
9/14/2017 c16 MrGohan
Is this over? or on a really long break?
9/10/2017 c16 3MedicusAestus
What if Deku had the ability to turn things and himself invisible? For example, whatever he touches becomes invisible. Pretty hard to find stuff if you turn them invisible.
9/9/2017 c14 3doubledamn
That's, uh. That's a little dark. I expected that to go to the fantasy end credits sequence that showed up around the Killer Stain bit of the anime.
9/8/2017 c1 1Chucklebot3000
How about "Smoke stack" the smoke quirk! Allows the user to dissapate any part of their body into smoke instinctually before he/she takes damage, The user can even turn their whole body into smoke if desired. Lots of potential for geurilla tactics, but the clothes of the user does not cling to the user, so accidental streaking may ensue. Also, while the user's smoke may stay together, it can be blown far away by a stray wind.
9/4/2017 c1 4Soulless Anti-Hero
great! Keep it up!
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