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for Quirks for Deku!

7/31/2017 c14 3The Richmaster
Katsuki is abrasive but I don't think he really means harm; seeing that kind really mess with his perspective... the Jirou one was cool though
7/31/2017 c13 The Richmaster
This was just a brilliant omake, thanks for sharing it
7/31/2017 c12 The Richmaster
That is a rather horrifying Quirk and I can definitely see why he would keep it a secret... I do wonder if it would sync with Nighteye's, though
7/31/2017 c11 The Richmaster
the reactions to Charm were fun, though Fusion would be particularly useful if it allowed more than two people to fuse
7/31/2017 c10 The Richmaster
I liked the line from Todoroki in 'Wall' and 'Release' seemed pretty cool too
7/31/2017 c9 The Richmaster
Bakugou's reactions here were on point and I liked the inclusion of Hatsume
7/31/2017 c8 The Richmaster
predator/prey quirk relationships probably get pretty awkward
7/31/2017 c7 The Richmaster
Telepaths who project without control probably have a hard time and I'm curious as to how Slime-Izuku interacts with Mina's quirk
7/31/2017 c6 The Richmaster
Poor Kirishima; he worked so hard to get his quirk to do that and all these others come out of nowhere.
7/31/2017 c5 The Richmaster
Heart swap and Gel Body were great, they have so much potential. I don't quite get the description of Rocket Man; the acceleration should be fast whereas turning seem like it would be hard to control considering how legs move
7/31/2017 c4 The Richmaster
I think that my favourite here was either the Cat Form or Doppelganger just for the reactions they brought about; surprise-Toga at the end was fun too
7/31/2017 c3 The Richmaster
So, is Izuku's middle name 'Negi' in this universe? either that or he inherited Touma's luck
7/31/2017 c2 The Richmaster
So much awkwardness; I like to think that Shigaraki managed to persuade All For One to give his enemy an annoying quirk like this, it seems like the petty sort of thing that he'd do
7/31/2017 c1 The Richmaster
This was just a fun one-shot; I'm not quite sure but I'm guessing that he was just never under the right conditions to activate his Quirk.
The idea of him being allergic to himself is fun too; Bakugou is probably laughing inside
7/28/2017 c16 AnonymousAnon
Can you do Quirk: Weather? The ability to change the weather in one spot, and it kinda depends on his emotions. Sad- rain. Happy- warm and sunny. Embarrassed- burning hot. etc etc etc
Thanks! u
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