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6/19/2017 c15 3Mr.prince923
Quirk: Soul seperation (allows the user's soul to come out of their body and phase through objects however still is able to pick up and interact with physical objects. However the users body goes limp and is basically comatose until the soul returns to their body, leaving it vunerable. The user's soul can control other bodies)
6/17/2017 c5 Lawrialiet
~I'm a fucking rocket ship, i'm flying through the sky at the speed of light OH YEAH!~
Thank you for getting this song stuck in my head again, I had forgotten it existed xD.
Annnyway great work, I love it! Poor Deku 3
6/15/2017 c15 8Johnny Spectre
What about a quirk that makes him makes Izuku as muscular as All Might?

Or the ability to see souls. Like seeing the past bearers of One for All.

Or even laser blasts from his palms. Or to stop time.

Huh, this whole thing could be an effect of All for One imprinting on Izuku...
6/14/2017 c14 3Operator-kun Itsumi
Quirk: Bloodseeker: Able to track someone or somebody 200 to 400 KM when they are injured
Great for MIA Missions
6/13/2017 c15 Operator-kun Itsumi
Hey i just wanna say
This is my Recommended Quirk

Time Control:Ability to freeze time or go to the Past or the Future.
Warning:Misuse of this Quirk would cause anomalies in the Past or Future
6/9/2017 c15 Screwthehype
Ballz: The user can turn their body into a bunch of bouncing balls. Warning: Extremely bouncy, may cause injury to others. Also, try not to lose any balls

Cartoon: User basically becomes a slapstick cartoon from the 50's to 60's. Includes dots for eyes, Looney Tunes physics, and a general breakdown of all logic. Warning: can cause insanity in others

Gas: Can burp or fart a various number of chemicals, from toxins to aphrodisiacs. Warning: EMBARASSING

Music: Can create sound waves that can deal destructive damage, hypnotize others, or give people various different "buffs" to their natural abilities (increased strength, bigger explosions, increased healing, etc.) Warning: User can only speak in rhyme

Hair Apparent: User's hair becomes a sentient mass that can form itself into any shape or size. Warning: Hair will often be at odds with the user

Super Eight: User splits into eight copies, each one rwpresenting a different part of the User's personality (such as rage, lustfulness, laziness, gluttony, creativity, or being socially awkward) Warning: May take convincing if you ever want them to become one again
6/9/2017 c15 8The Dark Eccentric
Love this story. I especially like how some chapter just get suddenly serious; contrasting with all of the silliness. Overall very creative.
As for ones o expand on, the gender one would be kinda funny. Or the slime one.
6/9/2017 c15 2Jeptwin
A: This story is comedy gold, and I love it!
B: Here are some quirks I think you might enjoy:
Marionette: The user can shoot strings from their fingers and control any object like a puppet, living or not. Warning: Any injures the thinking puppets take on will also be inflicted on the user.
Animal Gift: The user can give themselves and others the qualities of any animal. Warning: Overuse may result in permanent features such as, but not limited to, claws, beaks, tails, fur, and scales.
Opposite: Can reverse the effects of any quirk through touch. Warning: If Opposite cannot be used in itself, as it's a universe-destroying paradox
Change: User can change the physical appearance, mental state, and gender of another at will by touching them.

Hope you find a way to use these!
6/9/2017 c1 Jeptwin
I officially love this, because it's hilarious
6/8/2017 c15 12Blackenergy666
By almeans please ignor this, i think a funny idea would be a super speed and reflexes quirk that either makes the user hyper or twitchy as fuck. Keep up the awsome work buddy
6/4/2017 c15 Minutemoon
How about the au quirk gamer-this quirk allows the user to gain have the same abilities as videogame characters(gain abilities from skill books n lessons, imporve skills through constant use, see the stats of others, and use mana 4 magic)

I have already seen 2 stories that have deku with the gamer quirk 1 here in ff the other in aov3 I wanna c how u do this
6/6/2017 c15 6komodome
Tentacles: the user's hands are replaced with the appendages of an octopus, with incredible grip strength and regeneration (octopi can regrow their limbs). Smoke: the user can turn their full body to mist; if they pass through another gas, they will take on its properties. The user cannot reform unless with adequate space.
Hypnosis: user can manipulate target for up to an hour. Any longer causes temporary mood swings on both ends.
Destructor: think Incredible Hulk.
Lottery: user can shift odds in their favor in situations of chance, effectively winning every time.
Copycat: user can copy movements and words of others flawlessly, regardless of memory. Cannot copy quirks. Perfect for doing impressions.
6/3/2017 c15 Minutemoon
How about a quirk that allows him 2 bring things from his mind/imagination 2 life or 1 that makes him a merman
6/5/2017 c15 hcharper131
evolution manipulation can not remove quirks turn katsuki into a shrew to worild oldest mammal or enhance his qurik to disintegration
6/5/2017 c15 crow woyzeck
{Con man} the ablity to make people do what you want with a few words

{cat like} User gains all the reflexes of a cat
Warning may become obsessed with yarn, butterfly, crinkling paper, and gain a fear of cucumbers. (cats are afraid of anything they think looks like a snake)

{inferno hide} makes the users skin hot as fire
Warning the heat can cause toe user to begin stripping to cool off
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