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for Quirks for Deku!

6/27/2020 c8 Lazer
isn't detach just a copy of Tokage Setsuna's quirk?
6/29/2020 c9 violentcheese11
the rocket fist was the best one. i laughed the hardest at that one
5/14/2020 c14 AJ
Well...shit went dark real quick.
4/3/2020 c1 1TheSteelShadow
I love this. I just find it so funny.
3/27/2020 c4 ElectricDragonSemblanceHunter
But hypocritical of Todoroki to say something like that when he accused Deku of being All Night’s secret love child because they had similar quirks. Even though they had they same quirk but Todoroki doesn’t need to know!
3/14/2020 c1 Guest
It's funnier looking back on this since the premise you gave for all of these quirks ("One for All are the quirks of the previous users, which had merged with it and were also passed down") manifesting in Izuku is actually canon.
2/5/2020 c16 14GDW311
I'd like to see Izuku with the following quirks; Electromaster which basically gives him the same powers as Railgun from the Certain series' needs to replenish with electrolytes also doesn't fry his brain like Denki Kaminari, Weather Manipulation basically Storm's powers from Marvel needs to keep emotions under control, Dead Bone Pulse basically Kimimaro Kaguya's Kekkai Genkai from Naruto needs to drink lots of milk & A quirk that increases his speed by the amount of coffee he drinks sorta like Rikido Sato's quirk sugar rush.
1/21/2020 c8 3SkeletalPheonix
Detach reminds me of Beyonders
12/30/2019 c11 The DragonKnight
I don't know why(probably because shipping fictional characters is like a hobby for me and multi-shipping for some works for me in my hero academia) I would like to see that Charm quirk in a fanfic of its own.
12/30/2019 c16 The DragonKnight
11/18/2019 c16 LordLoverDuck
This is fucking hilarious

Please continue, I need more
11/13/2019 c16 11Im The Person
You need to extend that Inanimate Object one with the All Might collection. I just keep imagining them all leaving his room waddling in a single file like, passing through the dorm and having everyone stare at them in awe. On their way out they just keep saying stuff like “HaHahaPlus Ultra!We are here!” I just keep cracking up.
10/30/2019 c4 aabhasgangwar9258
animal lover was my fav. so far
that line hey asui , tokoyami where are you guys going
i was like fuck lol
10/2/2019 c12 Mark Whitley
Isn't chapter 12's death clock quirk the same kind of power from that one music video? I believe the song is called saving. If I'm wrong, let me know.
9/11/2019 c14 CosmicUnderdog
Damn. Been having so much fun with this, then BOOM. Feels factory.
Well played!
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