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for Quirks for Deku!

5/2/2017 c1 46MementoMori115
here's some Quirks-

Thermometer- ability to alter the temperature of his surroundings

Weatherman- alters weather based on emotions. ex- angryhot, sadrain

Luck of the Irish- no actual control over the Quirk but the user has incredible luck. ex- finds money on the ground often, lucky pervert, when fighting he always gets critical hits, opponents trip over shoelaces
5/1/2017 c15 2AngelCaotico11
4/29/2017 c15 Guest
like your story, here i have a quirk, Diamond touch - anything the user touch becomes diamond
pros: no need to worry about money
cons: cannot be turn off so you better wear gloves
Heat vision - emmit a powerful laser beam from his/her eyes
pros: can be used as a weapon
cons: excessive use may temporarily detoriate user's eyesight
4/29/2017 c15 Guest
Quirk: Duplication
A quirk that allows user to duplicate things, only works in inanimate objects.

Quirk: Flash
Allows user to release a blinding light from any part of their body, perfect for escaping bullies, etc.

Quirk: Alter-Ego
Changes the user's personality at will, overusing it may cause permanent change.
4/29/2017 c15 Guest
I like the inanimate animation quirk, at least All Might can retire now in peace, don't you think?
4/29/2017 c15 5brevlore
Can you redo
Fly wings
Love potion number nine
And inanimate animation
Also, have you considered empathetic mimicry or osmosianism (I think that's what this one is called)
Empathetic mimicry allows you to take a power, skill, or ability that you have seen someone use and store it in your brain like a computerso that you can use it yourself later.
Osmosianism is the ability to absorb any material, energy, or matter and compose parts or all of your body clothes and all to be made out of that material
4/27/2017 c15 That guy
Oh yeah

Cartoon physics: your body aleays acts loke an old cartoon
Beware when a pretty girl kisses you
No fall damage
Riddiculos props and body physicsn

Quirk 2
Good ol telepathy
Becone too deep in thougt and yo hear too many voices

Quirk 3 hacker
The whole digiltal world opens up
Sub quirks
Cyberspace: ability to put and pull stuff in cyberspace
Control anything with wifi

Quirk 4 manifestation
Things "manifest"
Either powers
Or items or oportunites


Quirk 6 personality
Any charcter becomes real like any other person when the quirk activates with the personalities they ha
(Izuku... why is this ... woman...leaning on you?)

Wow it was hard to come up with that title

QUIRK 7 Lucky charm
Around him there are random nouts of fortune that affect everyone
Must control when good and bad luck happens
Must be separated when taking tests
Thats all for now i was short on time
4/29/2017 c15 11jilnachtaugen
Amazing! You make each quirk funnier than the previous one!

Quirk : Teleportation! He can transport himself anywhere.
Warning : sneezing may cause the transportation of himself and/ or others at random.
4/26/2017 c15 Guest
Im happy for this new chapter! I cant wait to see a new chapter of the story of the 39 quirk.
I have some ideas: obviously,a fourth wall quirk and a Bring to life characters form books quirk but like bohemian rhaspody from Jjba that when he bring something to life it came like s trashy version of that due to copyright issues
4/26/2017 c15 Guest
Quirk: Cinammon Roll

Makes everyone protective over the User. Warning: Protectiveness can be very extreme, to the point of tsundereness

Quirk: Siren Song

Makes the User's voice as beautiful as a Siren's, attracting people of the opposite gender.
Warning: Quirk is activated at random, sometimes when the user is just trying to talk normally

Quirk: Pain split

The user can transfer the pain/injuries another person is suffering from to themselves. Warning: Too much injuries at once can cause death

Quirk: Vampire

The user gains the abilities of a vampire, including hypnotism, fangs, and much more. Warning: User will start craving blood, although appetite can be sated using animal blood
4/26/2017 c3 Guest
Turn dragon!
4/27/2017 c15 Raikaz1210
The force? I forgot if it's already used here.
4/26/2017 c15 AndiDuel
Quirk: Animal Whisper
Can talk to animals.
Quirk: Jinx
The power to make other people unlucky.
Love your story. Can't wait for the next chapter. PLUS ULTRA! ! ! ! ! ! !
4/26/2017 c15 kylC
Sticky fingers - KAMINARI NO
Inanimate Animation - that name is really fucking cool. Also the All Might army is both hilarious and vaguely horrifying (too much greatness nghhg)
Love Potion - I /loved/ it. *dumb cackling*
Paint Dive - KACCHAN NO
Omnilinguist - would that include non-human languages?
Gokiburi - to be fair cockroaches are kinda horrifying I'm sorry
Moe - BBY
Chubby Bunny - IZUKU NO
4/26/2017 c15 Suzu the Black Cat
Turn them into animals?
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