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2/20/2017 c14 31Kagemoto
dude what about hypnosis and summoning of people or fictional characters?
2/17/2017 c14 Nekoguest
Oh I love this series! Please make a continuation of this chapter, I think it would be nice to see how everyone or more specifically, Izuku and Katsuki deal with the vision
2/18/2017 c14 11jilnachtaugen
That last one though... It took kind of a dark turn. Poor Deku and Kacchan! What if Izuku transformed into an adorable dog, couldn't change back for a while and his classmate didn't recognize him?
2/11/2017 c14 That guy
That gotta sting
2/11/2017 c14 29Siera-Knightwalker
Wow. So 2 sorta sad Quirks. One was totally from Death Note. How about something more mature? Deku could make people orgasm? That would be hilarious. Or make someone temporarily fall in love with him. Like for 5 minutes or something. I can just imagine how funny that would be with Deku and Kacchan... :P
Or what about a floating quirk? Or a personality switch for him. Like his awesome alternate version comes in and fucks everything. Or a transforming quirk. Like turning a person into an animal they are most similar to? Or a lava quirk where he drips lava from his mouth. Or illusions! Dunno what kind. Maybe like a passive one? Where he smiles and flowers bloom behind him?
2/7/2017 c14 3topaz3
Quirk: Mother Nature
If the user is near a plant or has a seed the plant life will grow. Warning: if the user has dark/negative thoughts, the plant will become a hostile form.
Ex: an apple seed will turn into an apple tree; the apple tree will turn grimm and will throw apples three times the size of regular apples at people.
2/4/2017 c14 Guest
Men the last one goes a little out of the hand
2/5/2017 c14 PowderBlueFeathers
The cliffhanger-I'll be eagerly awaiting the next chapie.
I love this :)
2/5/2017 c14 FlorLove152
Wooooooow SO saad TwT! Thanks for continue . : )
2/5/2017 c14 7Sokkalovr1
*Has a seizure*
This was good! But can I get some explanation on that last part with Kacchan? I'm a little confused, because that little bit happened in chapter 1, but I don't know whether or not you intended to have their personalities switched...? Like instead of Kacchan saying it, it was Deku? Sorry, just need some clarification. -
2/4/2017 c14 1MonsterOfEnd
[RageThe user is abile to trasform their rage in power,more rage more power.
This quirk is not safe for the users health]
2/4/2017 c14 AkakuHana
That's a horrible alternative :'C
I'm glad you're back, thank you for updating.
While I come to this because it's written very well and it's hella funny, I live for chapters like these *goes off and cries*
2/4/2017 c14 7Nightshade1712
Can we get a sequel or part two to this one, I really want to see the entire dream/vision. It looks really interesting. I'm glad this story is back, Its a lot of fun to read. Anyway Brilliant work as always!
2/4/2017 c14 River king
2/4/2017 c14 2ThalioTP
Nice, my friend. How about a shapeshifting (like a parasyte/kiseijuu shapeshifting) quirk for Deku?
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