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for Quirks for Deku!

7/13/2016 c10 God of LoL
I've got three Quirks to recommend.
1. The World: The ability to stop time and move around freely for increasing intervals. Invisible Stand unfortunately not included.
2. Heat Vision: The ability to shoot hot rays of energy through one's retinas. Be wary of aching eyes.
3. All Might's Buff Form: The ability to swell your muscles like a swimmer in the local public pool. May cause internal bleeding, spontaneous knowledge of American geography and English as well as perpetual smiling akin to that of a jolly old man. Includes Silver Age of comicbooks charisma. Hair antennae not included. Use responsibly.
7/13/2016 c10 Noyb
Here's a quirk: Attract/Repulse

Depending on whether you like or dislike a person, you can either attract them to you or repulse them away from you, with the strenght of the effect being directly related to the intensity of your feelings towards them.

Close family and lovers will have a hard time detaching themselves from you, while someone you might want to kill will have a hard time getting any closer than (insert significant distance here).
7/12/2016 c1 Guest
I love your work your humor is spot on also I got a quirk for you:

FUSION: a quirk that can allow you and two other people to fuse into one being (work efficiency depending on you and other fused partner's cooperation)
7/12/2016 c1 smolcrow
I laughing at Aizawa part, he seems so done with his class
7/14/2016 c10 treyalexander63917
Lightning or sound manipulation
7/12/2016 c10 Dragontitan
This is the funniest thing ever and if your running out of idea here are some:

Kyuubi: become a mystical fox with control over fire and transformation

Vampire: Gain enhance physical abilities and drank blood but weak in sunlight

Technomancer: can control any tech in a 1 mile radius

Elemental body: can turn body into any element but cannot combine two opposite elements together

Game master: can bring out people weapons items etc. from any videogame to real life warning this includes villain and monsters

Gender swap: can change other people gender warning identity

Animal king: can turn into or take on certain aspect of any animal

Blood control: can use your or any other blood to fight or heal you

Personality change: kinda explan it self warning can create female yandere

Paperman: can turn body into paper and change into different things

Time clock: can control time to speedup, slowdown, or stop time temporary

Darkness: can control darkness and shadow get stronger at night
7/13/2016 c10 8iarrelm
lol Nice ending. XD

Again, loving everyone's reactions. And the quirks are really cool too. I like everyone's ideas. It makes for a really interesting story.
7/11/2016 c9 Guest
Is it wrong that I thought of a different chick for chick magnet?
7/12/2016 c10 9Zero Mishigane Scarlet Strauss
This just made my day a whole lot freaking better! I have a suggestion for a quirk. It's call Copy Quirk. Basically copies anybody's quirks.
7/12/2016 c10 1haruaji11
i really found funny the current joke of seeing how Hagakure look! really great story,please make a "evribody falling in love with izuku or with others person" quirk
7/12/2016 c9 haruaji11
lol,when i read Chick Magnet i was expecting something else1 :D
7/12/2016 c10 7Nightshade1712
The next Quirk you need to do is Explosion like Katsuki as an extra long chapter. I'd love to see those to both having the same Quirk it would be funny considering how calm Izuku is and how explosive Katsuki's personality is. While Katsuki's explosions would be more offensively based, Izuku would use them to protect himself. Actually someone need to write an entire story for that idea!
7/10/2016 c1 Deku de nogla
Maybe make a quirk that will have the ability to control elements maybe like fire,grass,water,electric,earth,ice etc.
7/12/2016 c10 24Saint Danielle
Damn, I always read these to raise my mood! They are just so fun! I really want more of the Himiko-Izuku-Uraraka interactions! Or at least, Himiko/Izuku! These two are just so awesome together!

You know, it is a pretty popular headcanon that Hagakure is probably the prettiest girl in Yuuei.

Running out? How about these Quirks:

1) Fourth Wall Break!
Pretty self explanatory.

2) Wish Fulfillment.
The ability to make other people's wishes into reality. Limited by the willingness of the user to make this wish come true.

3) Picture.
The ability to transfer objects from pictures and photos into the real world.

4) Vampire.
The user becomes really strong and durable and fast but is very weak against the sunlight. Blood can increase power.

5) Enlargement.
The ability to enlarge any part of your body. But only one maximum.

6) Charm.
All people around the user will see him looking like their dream boyfriend OR girlfriend.

7) Tear Manipulation.
Self explanatory.

8) Emotional Cloning.
The ability to create clones, who serve as the manifestations of different aspects of the user's personality.

9) Toy Control.
The ability to brinf toys to life and control them.

10) Siren's Song
The ability to put people under trance with the singing.
7/12/2016 c7 2Angryboy13
Deku was like GTFO!
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