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for Quirks for Deku!

12/12/2018 c16 RoseRavenWillow RandomFangirl
I have this weird idea for a quirk; a mutant type where the user is half bunny, half fox. I came up with the name Bunx. Is this stupid or genius?
11/21/2018 c16 ReallyRandom
Sorry, my review post on its own before I could finish!

Animal Form Hypnosis:
Allows the user the ability to turn anyone that they touch into a certain animal form and make them believe that they are that animal. Last up to 5 hours. For people who already have an animal form, they act like they animal they are associated with.

Deku accidentally uses his quirk on Bakugou, causing the latter to gain a Dog Form and act like a sweet and obedient puppy. Deku immediately wishes that his quirk could cancel out a person’s memory.
11/21/2018 c16 Guest
Animal Form Hypnosis:
Allows the user to temporarily
11/14/2018 c5 Goderasu
Fucking Leg
11/6/2018 c6 Becca
I laughed so goddamn hard while reading all of this. I want to become your personal friend now! XD XD XD (*Do you think you can ever write a one or two shot for tododeku (if u like that ship) of Izuku being a Neko or something? Just askin'. I love dis btw!*)
10/1/2018 c16 Guest
Quirk name:bulk up
Abilities:the user can increase the height and muscle mass of both themselves and others(via the users touch)making the users and his allies bodies become supernaturally powerful by making them grow in height and drastically in muscle mass basically turning the user and others when using this quirk Into walking musclebound juggernauts

Limit:can only use this power for 6 hours and if used for too long such as 12 hours it will cause them to stay stuck in their bulked up form for a week and if others are bulked up for too long such as a hour or two it will become permanent.

Have midoryia accidentally use it on himself ochaka,Mina,etc
9/24/2018 c16 2Tuah Kayne
Switch space
The ability to switch two space within eyesight. Can be use similar to teleportation.
9/20/2018 c16 2Zanet102
Do you still do these? If so, I have an idea for a quirk for Deku!

Quirk: glaring daggers
The user is allowed to shoot daggers or katanas out of his/her eyes. Overuse can cause extreme pain to the eyes.
9/5/2018 c16 9Redemption's Avenger
Quirk: Multidimensionalism
This quirk allows the user to pull nearly any object from another universe to their position. Size and/or importance of the Object can exhaust the user. This Quirk cannot bring in a Sapient or living creature.
8/27/2018 c16 Doesn't matter
So I thought up a quirk for a possible usage in the next, called Timeportation, which would let the user time travel but They'd have to faze into another dimension ,while being able to Speak to whom ever they choose and hear them and the ones they have not chosen to hear them, only being able to travel to the last position they were in, not changing anything but that. Example: Bakugo tries to trip Izuku almost succeeding but Izuku accidentally Timeports outside the classroom.
8/26/2018 c16 Meazm
This story so funny! xD
8/25/2018 c16 27Shadow-DJ
Here's a Quirk idea:

[[Sap Zap]]
[[Can produce a strange bolt of pink energy from the finger tips to create a sticky syrup-like substance on the area the user points too. Can be good for easy getaways or traps. Warning; can get stuck in people's hair and clothing]]
8/19/2018 c4 A Fan
The last one was the best. "Don't worry I'll sav-" "I can share"... Perfection.
8/13/2018 c1 Deku
Aizawa is all like, I'm not even worried about it
8/12/2018 c16 CloverFiend
Just love this story also , Colourful blink , every time he blinks somebody nearbye has there hair change color
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