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1/4/2015 c2 Guest
i really like your story...i just want to know why do you hate Sam and Daniel? how do you feel about teal'c?
6/9/2013 c2 1SapphirePhoenixDragon
interesting u should update! you should make a Teal'c and kagome pairing one plz!
2/1/2011 c2 shinigami02master
aww so sad
6/5/2010 c2 Silvermane1
7/27/2008 c2 4bonbon2007
COL! i so cant wait till the next chapter!
7/21/2008 c2 1Firegal777
This is an interesting crossover that I would never have thought of before... o_o

I'm interested in seeing how it goes from here, so I really hope you keep your word and update. ^_^
1/10/2008 c2 5FORD B
This has a very interesting crossover start. I hope to read more soon.
11/10/2005 c2 10thorsfriend
Ok strange but want to see what happens so please post next chapter soon.
10/31/2005 c2 mercurialgreen
Yeah you updated! I'm so happily supprised. I found your story a long time ago, and made a note of it so I could come back and read it, though I never figured it would be finished. The first part by it's self was really good. I'm excited for more chapters to come out and I will keep a look out for them.
9/11/2005 c2 Jonic Recheio
Great chapter! Keep up the good work and please update soon!
7/16/2005 c2 176Firehedgehog
7/16/2005 c2 angie b
holy sh*t, you updated! so far so good, definetly looking forward to more
7/7/2005 c1 Firehedgehog
2/15/2005 c1 Jonic Recehio
This was great! I hope you update this. I know it hasn't been in over a year but still...it's great! Please, please update it! ^_^
9/1/2004 c1 2Hvshi Ninak Aya Neko
Hey! Thats sad and creepy so...When will you update it's good.

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