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for Sonic and Tails' Day Off

3/23 c1 Nathan Madsen
You know I was especially not at all pleased with the harassment and blaming tails had to go through all because a few mistakes he made doesn’t give people the desire to hurt him physically Sonic and Zooey are like the only people in the boom series who treated tails with respect and kindness but from the fanfictions I read it seems actually I’ll put the all the people who were harsh to tails from kindest to harshest
1 Zooey
2 Sonic
3 Knuckles
4 Sticks
5 Amy
6 Towns people
7 Mayor Zink
10/3/2018 c9 Guest
Btw, the metarex war and cosmo were in the sonic X universe, not the sonic boom one, so this would be a confusing crossover
5/28/2018 c3 6Cookiefox
you know he shoulda been at least given a doctor's checkup and an x ray. the way you're describing his injuries it looks like his nose is broken, and he has at least a fractured rib. ofc i'm thinking way too into it. anyways, good story so far. :D
2/18/2018 c5 Leolu
I was expecting something else by "getting hot" -_-
2/17/2018 c9 MasterAarron
I was enjoying this fanfic up until chapter 8. If this was supposed to be a sequel to "A Brotherly Vacation," being part of the Sonic Boom timeline, I don't see why you had to include cursing. I mean in chapter 8, using the words "shit," and "rape," really? I see no reason. Also the cursing is inconsistent. Sometimes they say heck, other times they say hell. And instead of saying god, they say chaos. It seems a bit mature while the other one was friendly. I don't intend to be mean, but it just doesn't fit the theme for Sonic Boom, especially the violence and blood. Sorry but this just wasn't as good as the prequel.

A Brotherly Vacation: 7/10
Sonic and Tails' Day Off: 4/10
10/20/2017 c13 78Peachy-Author
I'll be on the look-out for the extended story!
8/3/2017 c2 anonymouse agian
Hmmmmm This is great luv it! And yes i like the name anonymouse and i like to be anonymouse love the fanfic anonymouse fox signing out.
8/3/2017 c1 Anonymouse
Great story!
8/1/2017 c1 FanBoy99
can you do a sonicXzooey fic
7/23/2017 c1 8animegamefanatic
Poor Tails. Next to Sonic, Tails gets the worse kind of emotional abuse in Sonic boom. At least SOnic's there.

Its like this island brings out the worst in people, and there are a few who are immune like Sonic, Zooey, and Tails for example.
6/21/2017 c2 Guest
Looks like sonic came and gave the team a piece of his mind!
8/6/2016 c12 Dreadwing216
I should also point out that I am from the UK.
8/6/2016 c12 Dreadwing216
You must be one talented writer, because this was one of the most interesting and amazing FanFictions that Inhave ever read! I support Tails x Zooey myself as well, and it was great to have seen a lot of romantic moments between them. Anyways, this was a great FanFiction, and I hope that you write more Tails x Zooey one shots in the future. ;)
8/5/2016 c12 11Erik-The-Okapi
What a great way to end the story! BTW, according to the Sonic Boom Bloopers, chapter 26 will be out on Sunday.

For Tails' fascination with the tornado, sounds like something from Sonic X. Also, the idea of having Sonic & Tails being brothers in my story was from your stories.

One other thing bout your stories. Any reason why Knuckles doesn't act as dumb as he is in the show?

Speaking of Knuckles. I had this question in my head for a while now: According to Episode 11: Cowbot, Tails said Knuckles is from Angel Island, If Knuckles is on Bygone Island, who's guarding the Master Emerald?

That's all I got to say. Keep up the goo work with the "Sonic & Tails Brothers Forever" FanFics!
8/5/2016 c12 15Magiku Maggi-Dixie Kong
Awwww~! You're welcome sweetie.
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