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for Sonic and Tails' Day Off

7/27/2016 c11 Autumn
hey awesome chapter! I am glad everyone is safe, but totally unexpected when Tails blasted Eggman out of the window, glad hes still alive though. Tails would have felt really bad if he had killed him, Tails would never want to kill anybody
7/21/2016 c10 11Erik-The-Okapi
Good chapter so far. The only thing I dislike from this story is the rating. Other than that, good job on the story.
7/20/2016 c10 Autumn
That chapter was so good! I can not wait for the next chapter! ;)
7/17/2016 c9 Autumn
that chapter was so good! poor Zooey and Tails :( I really hope Zooey ends up being ok, and I hope Tails gets over all that happened to him.
7/16/2016 c9 Erik-The-Okapi
The chapter was good...until Tails started to curse while having a temper tantrum.

Other than that, great chapter.
7/14/2016 c8 Autumn
that was an awesome chapter! but how dare u leave it at a cliffhanger,lol! :)
7/14/2016 c8 Erik-The-Okapi
Unless the next few chapters has Zooey teaming up with Team Sonic, I'M IN!

Other than that, great chapter so far. Maybe Eggman's newest robot is all his failed robots into 1!
7/13/2016 c1 11IcyAngels452
Amy, Knuckles, and Sticks are horribly out of character. Like come on. Do you actually think that they would beat one of their best friends to the point of unconsciousness just because a few of their things were destroyed?

Also referring to Tails, Zooey, and Sonic as "siblings" then saying Zooey is like a sister to Tails or Sonic asking for a threesome is extremely creepy. We know they're not related, but it gives this incest vibe that can't be ignored. You can care for and treat someone who's been injured in a romantic way without any reference to "sisterly" behavior.

Well. At least you use proper grammar. That's a start.
7/12/2016 c7 11Erik-The-Okapi
Let's hope Eggman's newest weapon's not another Mega, Obliterator Bot, or that "MonsterBot" again. Besides that, great job on the rest of the chapter, including Sonic & Tails' snowball fight.
7/12/2016 c7 Autumn
that was a really great chapter! oh oh Tails u better watch out though!
7/11/2016 c6 Reina
If I may ask, what is M.I.A.?
7/10/2016 c6 Erik-The-Okapi
Great chapter. BTW, what does M.I.A. mean?
7/10/2016 c6 Autumn
things are heating up now, and I think Eggman is coming to get revenge on Tails too. can't wait to read the next chapter!
7/10/2016 c5 Guest
7/9/2016 c5 Autumn
very much loving this story so far :)
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