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for Lester's Happily Ever After

6/13 c48 debnorm4
Awesome! Cant wait to find out if she forgives Lester. Will Lester tell his daughter how her mother died?
6/10 c48 Fuzz79
This is so amazing. I cannot wait to read the next chapter. I love how this goes from past to present
6/8 c7 10Peritales
Didn't see that coming! "a little calmer now, but none the wiser" great line.
6/8 c5 Peritales
I'm pretty sure it started with an F.. .ARGHHH! Still love him just a little though! I'm totally invested in your characters.
6/8 c3 Peritales
One way ticket to mommy issues ...leapfrog - I think almost choked on my coffee. Hilarious. I can just picture Lester trying to find a PG alternative.
6/8 c2 Peritales
Cheesy lines or not, can't help but fall a little in love with your Lester.
5/27 c48 Caren47
Great advice. Hope Lester apologizes and Grace will give him a second chance.
5/27 c48 Caren47
I hope she gets him back when she chooses the second date.
5/26 c41 Caren47
Lester is such a good dad!
5/26 c41 Caren47
Poor Lester in a marriage with someone he doesn't love and is hard to get along with.
5/26 c48 The Black Pearrl
always love your updates.
5/24 c22 Caren47
"dad You Got This" who knew Lester could be so sentimental!
5/24 c19 Caren47
I smell romance in the air!
5/24 c17 Caren47
Lester has such wonderful parents They were so kind to Phoebe since she so wrongly trapped Lester.
5/22 c12 Caren47
I want to be a fly on the wall when he tells her about the birds and the bees! LOL
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