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for Snape can Fly?

7/7/2016 c1 hwyla
You missed one theory - Snape figured it out himself. That he began with the memory of how Lily "literally flew" [book quote] off the swing and developed a spell from there. That it wasn't Voldy who taught Snape, but Snape who provided the spell to Voldy - possibly to pacify him for not being present for his return in the graveyard.

I see no reason why his age would come into it. He was inventing spells at 16, 20 years before his death. I have no idea where the idea that it takes 500 years might come into it. There certainly isn't anything in the books about it. In fact, the books suggest that it has never been done before, ever. So I would consider that to be against canon.

I have also have no idea where Wiki might have gotten their info - unless possibly JKR said something about all this on Pottermore. But there isn't anything in the actual books about how Voldy learned to fly, nor is there any stated 'fact' that Snape learned it from Voldy - only Minerva's guess. And she certainly doesn't have the connections to 'know'. Now, if the info had come from Bella or Lucius that would be different.

I will say that there is also nothing in canon to suggest that one's patronus and animagus form are always a 'match'. They might be, but it isn't necessarily true - especially since a patronus form CAN change, but an animagus form cannot. Snape's patronus in particular would be unlikely to match his animagus form (if he had one) since his patronus is symbolic of his true love of Lily - something like Tonks' patronus matching Remus werewolf form.
7/6/2016 c1 29duj
Or maybe he learned flight from Lily, who was already controlling her movement through air the day he met her...
7/6/2016 c1 berrysarecool
I know. He's a deatheater. In the Order of the Phoenix, did you notice how the deatheaters swooped in with black smoke trailing behind? (That was in the Battle of the Department of Mysteries)

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