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for Harry Potter-Dracula and the Chamber of Secrets

10/15/2016 c8 Kal-16
10/17/2016 c9 34DZ2
I love it: Harry taking his rightful place as leader of the pack and gathering the heirs together to stand with him: I cannot wait to see what comes next.
10/15/2016 c9 7Revan Shan 2077
Looking good
10/15/2016 c8 2flying ducks101
new chapter thank you
9/25/2016 c7 flying ducks101
I will pm you
9/23/2016 c7 flying ducks101
I hope you up update after 10/12/16 . I very much like this story and I hope it will continue unlike some who just leave the story half done .I hope you don't do that. this story and the one before it was very very good and I hope it ends well for you and all of your loyal readers I am one of them. I will support you in the long run if I can.
9/12/2016 c7 Drakord
Susan, Daphne, Tracy, or millicent bulstrode
9/6/2016 c6 Black-Lance-777
or susan
9/4/2016 c6 253910
Maybe you could add Luna?
8/30/2016 c5 29Sakura Lisel
Like the new chapter. :D Though about your answer to my review, even if their isn't a wizarding law involving Zingers, what about Soul Mates? The two have to be the same thing only called differently. *lol* if what I THINK I understand about zingers in Hotel Transylvania, Winnie is both Harrys zinger AND soul mate or else the zinging wouldn't have happened at all would it? So if the wizards have a law about trying to break up a soul mated couple, theres the loophole right there with Harry and Winnie being Zingers. *lol* wouldn't breaking up an established soul mated couple HARM the couple in question somehow in the eyes of the magical world, despite whether one member of the couple is either magical, muggle, or monster?
8/27/2016 c4 Sakura Lisel
Okay... seeing how in previous chapters everyone in the magical seems to know what a Zinger (or whatever its called) is, doesn't Molly understand that there is NOTHING she can do to get Harry with Ginny since EVERYBODY knows that Harry Potters Zinger is Winnie? Isnt a Zinger the same as a soul mate or something, meaing Winnie will be the ONLY girl who Harry will EVER want no matter what? Isn't there some kind of LAW in the magical world that would stop would be Zinger breakers? *lol*
8/27/2016 c4 4Silo666
lol it just gets better
8/26/2016 c3 34DZ2
Wow, thanks; I was just stating a point about the red-headed idiot. I'm glad you liked it, though. I certainly enjoyed this chapter, short though it was.

And I feel sorry for Harry and Winnie having to listen to those shrieks: given they hang around with banshees at the hotel, it must be painful!
8/25/2016 c3 4Silo666
I'm glade to see u back this is one of my favriot ficsgoing as I love harry in the hotel verse
8/25/2016 c3 1WilburWerewolf
Again good chapter, I just can't wait for more! Keep it upp friend!
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