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for Baseball World Cup 2002

7/7/2016 c1 EmMNarang2513
I so loved this! I was completely surprised by the plot. I was expecting something quiet & interspective from Donna's point of view but I found myself smiling by what was really happening. Donna deciding to clean out her apartment with the help of Rachel was inspired! I loved Harvey's reaction to seeing the scarf he gave Donna on Rachel. Harvey remembering that scarf made my day & was completely believable because as we know it's different with Donna. The "frosting" is definitely the missing tape (I was thinking maybe her diary had been left in the sold side table) & her labeling the missing tape Baseball was so inspired! I was also surprised that Harvey actually had it. Their scene in her apartment was intimate & kind & entirely believable. The existence of a tape reminded me of Donna's "I'm not going to apologize for who I am" which is one of a million things I love about her. Finally the fact this pushes Donna & Harvey relationship over a cliff simply sitting where their relationship had fractured months earlier had me "over the moon". Thanks so much for posting! What a treat! xo - Em
7/7/2016 c1 1annnahatcher
I am still laughing
And this is gold gold gold
Also the last sentence OMG
Cant wait to read all the fics this week! x
7/6/2016 c1 Dee
Darvey week is the best thing I have ever heard! This week just got a whole lot better! Thanks for the fic it Was great!
7/6/2016 c1 Cez
A breather ... short but amusing.
7/6/2016 c1 68Carebearmaxi
Very cute! Nice little story!

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