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6/5/2019 c4 Guest
Just had reread while popping in to catch the newest chapter of your newest work. I tell ya, if Holly can't make you smile, nothing will! She truly is the perfect 50/50 of her parents :) :)
10/22/2017 c4 Thankful
PS-Also loved Holly's little personal forensics kit, and how you kept the spark and flirtiness alive in Mac and Stella's relationship. Thanks again!
10/22/2017 c4 Thankful
This is absolutely beautiful. I love how well you captured Mac and Stella, I love Holly and how you fleshed her out, I love the mention of the fairy and the soldier, the beautiful description of St. Patrick's nativity scene (have you ever been? Because you described it so perfectly, I felt like I was there)-but my favorite part was how wonderfully you captured life's embarrassments, messiness and love with richness and warmth. Flack was the perfect, humorous 'uncle,' as well. Thanks so much for this great fic. I hope you will do another one in this line with Holly, in the future.
10/8/2017 c1 Mr.CatC
This is one of the best smacked story I have read. Great point and writing! Very unique and creative one! Holy is so cute. I can even see her stand in front of me when I was reading. Love it!
7/12/2017 c4 5Advazzz
I LOVE HOLLY! Just love her! She is the girl of my dreams, she is smart like her parents, knows how to explain her self perfectly and above all she is hilarious!
Graet story as always (I can't expected nothing else from you), sweet, giving you such a specific understanding of the scene, and face expression...Love this beautiful family you created here (please continue).
4/16/2017 c4 59cmaddict
Utterly lovely. Heart-warming end to this story. I hope you have more Holly adventures in your mind?

And you know how much I love Flack, so the end brought quite a smile to my face. I can just imagine him leaving mouse-related things all over the lab, just to give them a hard time. Great job, my friend!
3/31/2017 c4 3osarisanhur
Great ending for a lovely story. Mac and Stella should have known Flack would find out, kids never keep it quiet. Oh he's going to have so much fun at their expense, I can just picture it. Love this little family.
can't wait for your next fic.
3/21/2017 c4 4SMackedCaskett
Well, it looks like Miss Holly has a guilty conscience!

I bet it must be awful to have CSIs as parents when you've done something wrong :D All those interrogations they have under their belts will have taught them a thing or two...

Cat-y-pillar is an adorable kid-word :) ...and Uncle Flack is in big trouble.

Holly performed an autopsy on her teddy bear?! As a parent, I'd see that as a cause for concern O.O

I think Stella is right though. From what I've witnessed and heard, the basic skills for bringing up a child she mentions are easy enough once you get used to them. The hard part starts when kids start thinking for themselves...

The Monseigneur is apparently a very nice man! I liked how kind and understanding he was.

I have a feeling Mac and Stella are forgetting that they're not the only ones who might blab about the mouse incident. There is also Holly.

Holly's concern about a dinosaur not fitting into her room are a valid point! Also, imagine the amounts of plant matter or meat a dinosaur would have to eat. Hardly manageable!

HA! I knew it! Holly told her good uncle aaaaallll about the mouse. I still think Flack keeping the mouse will be a solution everybody can live with, but if I were in Mac and Stella's shoes, I wouldn't be crazy about the mouse paraphernalia that are about to rain down upon them either.

Thanks for this lovely story!
3/16/2017 c4 8Strandstorken

Sorry I was a bit late to read this chapter, it is brilliant though! :D

Holly appearing all sad and frightened in her parents bedroom was so cute! Poor Holly. You really need to get right on to writing the next story in this universe, I want to read more about the little family. :D
I love the conversation about parenting manuals, I almost feel sorry for Mac and Stella not having a manual to help them figure out how to deal with Holly. :P :P Though maybe they should have a manual for dealing with Flack as well. XD I laughed out loud at Mac saying Flack would get tired of teasing them. Eventually. XD
3/14/2017 c4 115ChibiDawn23
Bwahahahaha...oh my goodness I'm in love with that little girl. Uncle Flack is in so much trouble, I love it!
All those other little incidents... Especially the autopsied bear... Can I get a oneshots series of all those? Any excuse for more Taylor family fluffiness!

So worth the wait!
3/14/2017 c4 132hushedgreylily
:) perfect ending relating to Uncle Flack! He would be a brilliant makeshift uncle! Have so enjoyed this fic the whole way through, and lovely to see it resolve so lightheartedly and adorably there. You maintain all of us that still dream in Mac and Stella and their adorable potential children!
2/7/2017 c3 171Crowded Angels
The head of the crime lab's daughter is a wee tea leaf. I love the characterisation of Holly and her little tantrum about Daddy holding her kit! And Mac and Stella's horror and concern was palpable. More please! Lots of trains and flights coming up ;)
1/17/2017 c3 13kaidiii
Hi! Wonderful chapter! Happy Holly is alright!
1/6/2017 c3 Guest
1/4/2017 c3 3osarisanhur
I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. And happy new year.
I've just got back from France and found this waiting for me. Thank you, you know how much I love your fics. I love holly she is into everything and reminds me of my granddaughters. Poor Stella and Mac you could just feel their panic. Every parents worse nightmare. I can't wait for uncle Don and uncle Danny to find out about this. I can just imagine the fun they will have.
Can't wait for more.
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