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12/29/2016 c3 4SMackedCaskett
Hope you had a very merry Christmas :)

Ha, I was right! Holly was back at the nativity scene! I hope she doesn't get to close to her friend the mouse...

Aaaaaand she did. If I'd done that as a kid, I would have been in so much trouble! Good thing Mac and Stella distracted themselves/each other, I don't think I would have been able to sleep if I were in their shoes.
12/29/2016 c2 SMackedCaskett
First of all, sorry for the late review!

Secondly: as always, this is a superb story :)

Holly is just brimming with mischief, and it's glorious!

Oh dear, I can't even imagine the panic Mac and Stella must be feeling when they see that Holly has vanished into thin air! I do have a slight inkling as to where she is though...
12/24/2016 c3 Blount64
Nice topping to a Christmas story. Kids will find things to do we wouldn't . I thought it was informative about being out with your young children, you can't take your eyes off them.
12/24/2016 c3 132hushedgreylily
Merry Christmas! Always lovely to have a touch of Christmas fic right at Christmas, even if it is a story that started in July! Lovely little chapter, love where this story is going, and I particularly liked Mac and Stella's reactions to Holly's crimes!
12/24/2016 c3 60cmaddict
You updated! I'm so glad!

I love the entirety of this chapter, from the beginning where you can feel the panic in Mac and Stella at the thought of Holly being gone, to the middle where they find her and she throws a fit at having to give up her kit, to the end where they discover her mischief. It brings to mind so many of the shenanigans of my own students - very realistic the whole way through. And I especially loved the last few lines with Mac distracting Stella from their parenting dilemma. I chuckled quite a bit at Stella's reaction to her daughter swiping something from the Nativity scene.

Great update, and I look forward to more from you, my friend! Happy Christmas!
12/23/2016 c3 116ChibiDawn23
Oh my goodness, SO CUTE! That little stinker nicked the mouse and carried it home and snuck out past two NYPD detectives! That's fantastic!
Wait till Uncles Danny and Don hear about it!
12/23/2016 c3 8Strandstorken
I'm so happy to see this story updated! :D :D And with the best possible timing of course. :P (Although I have my doubts about the timing being part of your plan. :P)

I just love this story so much! :D As I may have mentioned...once or twice. :P

Stella's reaction to Holly's disappearance is almost heartbreaking! I think you've changed a bit of it since the last version I read, but it's only gotten better.
I also really love Mac making comfort hot chocolate after they get home. :D

Something, I think I've already said, is how interesting it is to kind of see the role-reversal of Mac being incredibly chill about Holly's theft, while Stella is the one to be strict and by the book.

Next chapter please. :P
12/23/2016 c3 kukrae
Oh, Lily... I so love the Adventures with Holly series! Mac & Stella as parents are a joy to read about. You just KNOW that Flack will have something to say about this g Merry Christmas, Lily!
11/28/2016 c2 63Dizzy-Dreamer
I don't know how I missed this for so long but it's perfect for the season now - please don't leave us hanging for too long! I love this little insight into Mac and Stella's lives!
11/20/2016 c2 Blount64
Stella and Mac don't know how to say no to their daughter just like a lot of parents. Keeping it real.A child wandering off is real too.
11/20/2016 c1 Blount64
That is so cute. Mac married to Stella. I miss the show. Thank you for keeping it going.
10/18/2016 c2 8Strandstorken
Hello! :D Finally got around to read this, sorry it took me ages to do so! I love it so much! I've said it maybe 50 times by now, but the way you write Mac and Stella together and especially as a family with Holly is amazing. :D Wish it was christmas now though. :P

I can't really think of much to say aside from what I've said the times I've already been allowed to read the story along the way, but I really love the way this chapter turned out! I'm very excited to read the rest, and see how it all turned out. :D
10/4/2016 c2 Seraphina
Yay, a new chaper :)
I really love your writing style. As English is not my native language, I learned about expressions and new words while reading your text. :D
Your writing is fresh and fun. Makes me want to go to a bookshop and buy a book of yours :)
Holly is very very cute. As I don't know CSI, I can't comment on the characters much. But that does not put me off wanting to read more. :)
10/2/2016 c2 132hushedgreylily
Oh no! You'll have to be quicker with the next update if you leave us like that! I love their family dynamic, it's squishy and beautiful and I'm not even apologising for feeling festive when reading this anymore, it'll be Christmas before we know it (don't ask me where I think 2016 has gone, because I have no idea!)
10/2/2016 c2 116ChibiDawn23
Your love of the cliffhanger hasn't changed LOL. Oh man is Holly freaking ADORABLE and she's got Mac wrapped around her little finger and I LOVE it.
I didn't get too far into St. Pat's on my adventures in NYC (didn't help that last time it was under construction) so I've not seen this nativity scene and now I really, really want to. I'm hoping Holly decided to smuggle the mouse out and that's where she is...
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